February Starts With A Snow Day

Today was the third snow day in the last eight days. Winter got off to a late start and I don’t think it will stick around long. I had a great time slowing down and spending time with Fox. We even got up to some painting!

Our Masterpieces

Now the day is done and I am sipping Diet Coke (the first one in years and maybe my third ever) and passively watching Pamela: A Love Story; the Pamela Anderson documentary on Netflix. I ordered a little Valentine gift for me from Mark this afternoon. Too much downtime can lead to online shopping if I’m not careful, but it’s Valentine’s Day after all! For the last ten years I have worn Alien by Thierry Mugler as my signature winter scent. Alien had a good long run but I love perfume and I want to try something new. Aside from shopping, I also have stopped to stare at myself in the mirror a dozen times. I’ve been doing the Park Avenue diet for a few weeks and it is making a huge difference in the way my clothes drape on my body. I’m going to keep it up and see where this goes! The key is eating protein every four hours and staying in a calorie deficit, but all the elements combined of this well planned diet have made it truly easy!

I hope your February started off nicely. There is another glass of Diet Coke and a bag of popcorn calling my name. Bye!

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