What Can’t A Mother Do?

The day was go go go from the moment my feet hit the ground, but really that isn’t so unusual anymore. I somehow managed to homeschool Fox, take him to get his hair cut, do a load of laundry, peruse the thrift for items to add to the booth, then go to said booth to straighten up, and even played with the boys for a bit after dinner.

I also treated myself to a new to me Gooseberry Patch cook book that I spotted in a neighboring aisle. I have this thing about collecting cookbooks and reading them front to back only to ever rarely use one of the recipes. But I have always loved a good cook book. I like them with food photography or illustrated, from conflicting dietary practices, brand new, vintage, I love them all! If you have never read a Gooseberry cookbook you really should! They are the epitome of cozy.

After this entry is completed I am going to marvel at the treasures I found at the thrift. All of which I will sell. As follows:

  • rainbow colored handmade afghan
  • two sailboat picture frames. One wooden, the other metal
  • two heart shaped catch-all dishes made by Hallmark
  • a floral Free People skirt
  • a silk neck scarf
  • a vintage red cotton dress
  • a black Totes trench coat

Fox came along and I have to say he is developing an eye for picking. I love that he humors me and enjoys himself. He has a good enough feel for my style that he will turn me away from an item he doesn’t think is a good fit. And today he thought I was grabbing the sailboat frames for our house and he said, “Yeah but are we really boat people?” Funny guy, and No. We are definitely not boat people.

Happy Thursday.

Booth CC-69 at Relics Antique Mall

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