Choir Girl Forever

Last night the memorial service was held for my high school choir director, Mrs. Connie Bilyeu.  The choirs that she directed sang in her honor. Kickapoo High School Chamber Choir, Central High School Chamber Choir, SHBC Upper Chamber Singers and The Springfield Chamber Chorus. The concert closed with all choirs and alumni singing The Hallelujah Chorus.

Mark, Fox, and my good friend and fellow choir mate Cynarra came along. It was hard for her and I to choke back the tears as the sounds of many voices enveloped us. There is something absolutely heavenly about choir music. It makes my soul rejoice! I loved sharing the experience with Fox too. He was captivated and held my hand for a few of the songs. I know he was also feeling the joy!

Singing on the stage for the Hallelujah Chorus just reinforced my desire to join a community choir when the time is right. It doesn’t really feel like a choice, more a soul’s desire that has to be met. It was a beautiful evening and even a star studded event. Former Kickapoo choir boy turned movie/soap star Jay Kenneth Johnson flew in from LA to attend and sat right in front of me. Some pretty amazing personalities have come out of Springfield, MO. and Kickapoo High School specifically. I am so grateful for Mrs. Bilyeu. From the intense experience of performing at the Springfield Federal Medical Prison to our fun filled trip to Worlds of Fun to state competitions, choir was the best thing about high school and enriched my life in ways I couldn’t appreciate as a teen, but fully see now.

The choirs and alumni finishing out the concert with the Hallelujah Chorus (I’m tucked behind a tall lady).

That’s me behind the tall lady in orange holding sheet music and wearing a black shirt.

Thank you Mark for getting the video footage!

Peace and love everyone! Bye!

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