Brainstorming Blondes

Over the last ten years or so I go back and forth between blonde and my natural brunette. When I was young I always had blonde hair but after my heart surgery in 2016 I went natural for several years. With the weather warming up I’m getting the itch to add in some highlights but I’m feeling really indecisive about what color and how intense I want to go. My appointment is Thursday morning so I better start picking out some inspo pics and making up my mind.

My eye was drawn to this image immediately in a sea of blonde hair when I searched the keywords “blonde highlights” online. This is how my hair typically looks when I have balayage done to it. As I’m getting more and more grey in my crown area I don’t think I’ll be able to pull off this lived in grown out look for much longer.

The color and blending on this one are awesome! I love a very natural look.

This vintage 80s blonde looks gorgeous to my eye and very natural. It looks like the color my hair was when I was a little girl. I guess this would be considered more of an all over blonde.

Oh, wow! Now look at this! This image also came up when I typed in “vintage blonde” and I am all about it. This is my favorite so far.

I would love, love, love to go a warmer, strawberry tinted route, but with my cool tones and greying hair I just don’t think it would work. I also can’t dedicate the time to root upkeep. I need my hair to be low maintenance, but this color to me is so beautiful.

This is perfection too! I think this would maybe fall under the “vintage blonde” look as well. I think I’ll stop here. This is similar to the way I have my stylist cut my hair and I am liking the color with the cut. Is this the Inso pic I’ll be taking to the salon?

I have a lot to think about before I make my decision but already just scrolling back to the top of this post I can see how my preferences went from a modern balayage look to a more retro overall blonde. I think I’m just really feeling the old school look right now. Of course, I’ll be sure to update here and include a pic after I make my choice and get it done.

Have a wonderful week!

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