What I’m loving For Spring

The turn of the season is around the corner and I’ve rounded up all of my faves for spring 2023. I am in a purging season of life as we prepare to move into our new home in less than a year. The things I choose for my “things I love” entries this year will likely be activities or ideas, rather than actual things. My only real goal for this year is to consume less and get rid of anything unnecessary to make the move as easy as possible. Let’s get into it!

For years now I have said that I was going to put a halt on all of my non fiction book reading and have a solid year of fiction novels only. This is the year I’m going to do it. I’m already into my first selection and enjoying it a lot! Bless Your Heart by Rae Sutton spoke to me with its brightly colored cover and description as follows:

“When Rae Sutton’s mama passes away and leaves her the house where she grew up, Rae can’t imagine how the little old place might restore her broken life. Mourning the recent loss of her marriage, she takes the house and settles back into her tiny hometown with her fourteen-year-old daughter, Molly Margaret, and their overweight dog.

There she’s embraced by her mother’s close-knit circle of friends, the Third Thursday ladies. Though almost half their age and far less confident of positive outcomes, Rae joins their ministry-slash-book-club-slash-gossip circle and allows the women to speak wry honesty and witty humor into her tired heart. As a new career and a new romance bring their own complications, Rae relies on the unlikely family she’s found and begins to wonder if her future holds more hope than she ever could have imagined.”

I will continue to share my book selections as the year rolls on. I appreciate suggestions if you want to leave them in the comments.

Next up is sunscreen. I have always felt like sunscreen is nothing but toxic poisonous sludge, and honestly I still need to be convinced it isn’t. But at 43 years of age the damage countless sunburns has taken on my fair Irish skin is undeniable. I am succumbing to the daily sunblock ritual. I plan to try as many brands as it takes until I find one that feels good and doesn’t smell horrid. To start I am testing Badger Sport Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40. For my face I’m thinking I’ll go with CeraVe Mineral Face Sunscreen SPF 30. I have really reactive skin, so I’ll give feedback about how these end up working for me in a future post. Please, again, I would love any suggestions!

One thing I’m looking forward to as the weather warms is wearing more skirts and dresses. I’ve got my eye on a beautiful linen shirtdress on Etsy. I’ll share the link after it arrives if I like the quality and fit. A nice fitting shirt dress is my favorite warm weather uniform for running errands and taking care of the home. Not too dressy but a flattering silhouette for any shape.

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been on the Park Avenue Nutritionist’s Plan for a little over a month now. My clothes are fitting much better and I feel good too. I want to stick with this for at the very least all of spring and summer to see how far it takes me to my goals. I’ve tried every diet and method of eating (what women hasn’t?) and this is the first time I can remember losing weight and not feeling hungry all of the time (or like I was dragging lead weights, ahem..keto). The key is eating protein every four hours and cutting out all processed foods. So simple and so effective.

So here is the short list:

  1. Fiction Novels
  2. Sunscreen
  3. A linen shirt dress
  4. The Park Avenue Nutritionist’s Plan

What are you excited for this spring? I hope to hear from you!

Happy Hump Day!

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