Apocolypse Now?

It was a Tuesday night like so many before. Late, around 9:00 pm; I was driving down the highway from the city back to our little town. I had just finished grocery shopping. It was the evening of the February full moon, the night it reached its peak fullness, and as I glanced out of my car window to catch a glimpse of the beauty, I saw two massive beams coming from the center of the moon. I looked back at the road and then back at the moon. I said out loud, “What is that?” I thought could it be the trail from a jet? But why is it so wide? It’s too dark to see a jet trail. Now the lamps along the side of the highway look fuzzy, and everything has been enveloped in fog. Are they dropping something on us? Is this some type of chemical attack? I look back at the moon and can see now that it probably is a jet trail streaming across its face, but the strange fog makes it more visible. But now the moon looks orange and I’m getting a weird smell in the car. It’s a dry, crisp smell, so faint I wonder if it’s my imagination. Could it be a food item in the back of the car? No. This isn’t a food smell. The sky was a hazy fog now. What just blew in? It was a matter of one minute and the moon had become orange. What is happening? I raced home.

I passionately told Mark about the experience an hour later when he had come upstairs from finishing up some work. He could see how bothered I was. First he went outside to see for himself but he said everything looked normal. A simple internet search brought up several articles about a controlled fire in Northern Arkansas. The smoke had blown hours north to where we are due to the heavy winds we were having. Many people had called the fire departments to make reports of what they’d seen. We rarely have large forest fires in this part of the country and smoke quickly blowing in like that is something I have never seen. It was wild.

When I turned off the light and crawled into bed that night I said a little prayer for all of us humans.

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