A Good Night’s Sleep

The air was warmer today. In the fifties. Most of the snow melted off and it is going to rain when we are sleeping tonight. It will be washed away by morning. I sat on the couch with Fox this afternoon and colored a page from one of those adult coloring books. Scandinavian designs. It took over an hour. Fox sat next to me and played games on his phone and Mark was nearby building furniture for the living room.

My best friend brought the coloring book to the Cleveland Clinic for me, five years ago, when we were there for my right side thoracotomy. Heart surgery. I was born with a hole in my heart but only figured it out when I was thirty six. I must have held onto that coloring book because of my sentimentality. It makes me feel sad to remember that time though. Grateful, but sad.

I finished coloring with enough time to set the table for dinner. Enchiladas served with tortilla chips and salsa. It closes a lot of windows on my food mover, but I still enjoyed it. The last two of the five Gooseberry Patch cookbooks I ordered arrived in the mail. I plan to spend the rest of the evening looking through the Celebrate Winter recipe collection. Surely I’ll be inspired to rework our weekly dinner menu. I do everything by the seasons. The meals I cook, my wardrobe, the books I read and movies I watch, how I decorate our home. God shows the way through his design and I try to follow along.

I had a hot shower after dinner and am still deciding if I like the bar shampoo I’ve been using for the last few weeks. My hair is getting more silver. I’m still deciding how much I like that too. It’s not terribly cold tonight, I’m going to let my hair air dry.

I gave it my full effort working out earlier. Richard would be pleased. I can tell it’s going to be a good night’s sleep.

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