Cold Feet

I walked out onto the hard second day snow barefoot, determined to get a picture of the full moon without flare from the camera lens. How does the dog run around in this for half an hour at a time? I tried to get my shot but it didn’t come out how I was seeing it through my true eye. I didn’t think about the fact that I now have to walk back to the house through the icy snow again. Can I call this cold therapy? Does one minute qualify? Maybe this is good for the blood flow. If we didn’t have a neighbor behind us I would have stripped down and made a snow angel. I want a piece of land I can get naked on. That would be amazing.

Inside I rub raw shea butter into the soles of my feet and on my shins. Oh, yes. A nice thick coating of this stuff covered with a pair of socks and I will be right as rain. Maybe I’ll even do it again tomorrow before the snow melts. Sneak out when the boys are asleep.

I pull on my cardigan and go to the kitchen to make Fox a grilled cheese. The smell of bread and butter sizzling on the pan fills the air. My feet are still tingling from the bite of the snow. I turn on my play list and dance to Alannah Myles singing Black Velvet, wishing I looked as slender as I do reflected in the refrigerator doors.

“The way he moved, it was a sin, so sweet and true. Always wanting more, he’d leave you longing for.”

After Fox had been fed I slipped away into my room, and tucked myself into the covers, clicking the electric blanket up to its highest setting. My feet still felt cold. I traded out my sweater cardigan for a body hugging thermal shirt that was lying on the foot of the bed and tucked the warm blanket around my legs. Heat relaxing my always tight thighs. I opened a cherry flavored Yum Earth lollipop sitting on the night table. I’d only recently had one for the first time and now I have to have a few every night. They are the most flavorful suckers ever made.

I let the day replay through my mind while a movie called Big Wedding runs in the background on the TV. We went out for a family lunch at a small pizzeria this afternoon. It was the real deal. I can’t remember the last time I had a pizza that good. It was a great day. And I notice, no more cold feet.

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