A Real Snow

(c) Richard Seeley-Shutterstock photo

We had a real snow today. Big, fast moving flakes coating everything in white. A beautiful snow that gives you keen awareness of the enchanted fairy tale this world is. While I was bopping up and down, working up a sweat with my life coach Richard Simmons, I stared out the window at this beauty and let myself become immersed in the quiet joy and peace that only God’s masterpiece can bring. I’ve grown to love winter here in the Ozarks. A season that in the past I wished away as soon as it began, now brings a period of rest my middle aged body craves.

When the video ends, I step out onto the back deck dressed only in my tank top and leggings. The freezing air feels exhilarating on my sweaty skin. I take a few photos of the winter wonderland tree line. One of these will make a perfect header for the online journal. I breathe deep, taking in a lungful of the sharp clean cold before I hurry back inside.

The hour I carved out for myself is over. I put on the thick, soft, navy blue sweater cardigan I bought at Wal Mart for twelve dollars just before Christmas and head upstairs where the fireplace is keeping things toasty.

“Who wants Jiffy Pop?” I ask. Jiffy Pop makes me happy. It gives me 90’s nostalgia. Probably because it brings to mind the opening scene of my favorite scary movie. I ask Mark to find something for us to watch while I pop the corn. The smell of butter fills the air when I pierce the expanded aluminum foil dome and dump the popcorn into a bowl.

The four of us curl up on the couch together; father, mother, son and dog. We watch the 1959 Disney classic, The Shaggy Dog. A joke ensues about the French girl’s bullet bra and our six year old refers to her as having tornadoes, which causes us to laugh uncontrollably. I’m pretty sure he means torpedoes. I look at my family enjoying each other’s company. It’s one of those moments so love filled that I can hardly believe it’s mine.

After Fox is snug in bed and the house is quiet, I stare out the bedroom window into the snowy forest behind our house. There is just enough moonlight to illuminate the trees. I wonder about the creatures who live there and where they will sleep on this cold night. Just then the coyotes begin to howl. I smile. The wild is still out there. Despite the city pressing into the small towns surrounding it. Despite the apartments encroaching on the farms and the fast food restaurants popping up at all of the highway exits. The wild is still there, in the patches of forest and in the fields. Tucked into the Ozark mountains and her caves.

We had a real snow today.

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