Off To The Races

I just deep cleaned the master bedroom for the first time in I don’t know how long. I’m trying to convince myself that having time to do things like this will make it less lonesome now that Fox is in school. I might even have more time to journal here.

Today was his very first day of kindergarten. He was so excited to go and make new friends. And I’m really excited for him too! He is only at the school two days a week, and the other three weekdays he will be homeschooling with me. So really, I couldn’t ask for a better arrangement. He gets to make friends and experience school, and I get to be hands on with his education.

But it does feel strange today. The house so quiet, the dog mopping because his best friend isn’t home. I know, like all mothers, I will adjust to this new routine but right now I can hardly believe my little boy has begun his school career. I thank God for guiding us to this moment and placing him exactly where he is meant to be for his education. And to all of the other parents out there who have children returning to school, I wish you well and hope that this will be the best year yet! Lord knows over the past year and a half we have had to deal with so much stress and it isn’t over, but our children keep growing and meeting milestones, and rites of passage…we have to be strong and carry on for them. They deserve to have as normal a school year as we can give them. So, deep breaths. Let’s do this!

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