Clearing Out and Cleaning Up

If 2020 was a year of rest (even if an imposed one) 2021 is a year of re evaluation. This is especially true concerning my home. I spent the first three months of this year going from room to room and meticulously combing through all of our possessions. I gave things away to family and friends that we no longer needed, listed a few items on eBay, and donated what seemed like a hundred bags to the Goodwill. It took me three months, working roughly an hour a day, to get the job done. Not only is everything more streamlined and organized, but we will have much less to pack up when we move to our new house in the not so distant future.

Now that the clearing out is done, I have started the cleaning up. This part isn’t nearly as fun, but with all my focus having been on clearing, it’s high time to do a deep deep clean. I’m guessing I will go from room to room and back again until the holiday season, when I’ll surely get distracted with decorating and gift shopping. My goal is to have the house cleaned and ready for the next family who will live here.

It feels really good to have our house in order and it has helped me to organize lists of projects to do and items to obtain. One area I want to grow in is preparedness. If the national shortage of toilet paper last year taught me anything, it is that we don’t have much in the way of emergency supplies stocked up. I’m not ready to go full prepper but I think it would be smart to have a few months worth of food, water, and supplies in the pantry. I’ve also started to brainstorm about how we would deal with a long term power outage, especially in the winter months.

Things I’ve been turning to for inspiration and motivation:

-Little House on The Prairie (the TV series)

-Escape to the Country (BBC series)

-Looking at local house listings on Zillow

-My homemaking books by Rhonda Hetzel: The Simple Home and Down to Earth

Please leave any advice or tips you may have for me in the comments below!

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