Getting Intentional With Prayer

Today’s sermon at cowboy church centered on prayer; how to do it as explained in Matthew chapter 6 and why we need to be intentional about it. The big takeaway for me is that prayer shouldn’t be saved for when you have some leftover time in your day, but we should carve out time specifically for our prayer practice. Prayer takes discipline.

Since beginning my Bible study this past December, I have made an effort to start my day with a verse from a devotional, and end my day reading from the Bible. But prayer is usually done while I’m lying in bed at night drifting off to sleep. This week I think I’ll pay close attention to the rhythm of my weekdays and look for the optimal time to dedicate to talking with God.

Speaking of prayer, Fox said grace before dinner this evening without any help and he didn’t miss a beat. That made my mama heart happy.

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