Almost 41

My forty first birthday is this Friday. I can’t even fathom how that’s possible. Time is so bizarre as we understand it and the older I get the less and less it matters to me in any respect. The only thing I really think about when it comes to time or age is how I am an “older” parent and will probably die way before I’m done watching my son live his life.

I love being this age. I’ve been sober for over seven years, I’ve let go of hard attachments I had about my identity, and I am immersed in motherhood. This really is the most happy and healthy I have felt in my life.

Getting older is humbling and as much as the popular culture wants you to believe that 40 is the new 20, that’s just not true. There is no reason to live in denial of the aging process or the changes that happen to our bodies that are a perfectly natural occurrence. I choose to forgo botox or a breast lift and right now I don’t even color my hair, but watch as day by day more grays appear.

What I’ve learned as I (hopefully gracefully) step into the second half of life, is that I have to eat less bread, get more sleep, watch how much sugar and caffeine I consume and prioritize moving my body. I love myself now more than ever and have so much respect for how my body withstood everything I put it through over the years, willingly and when out of my hands (think major surgeries).

As I reflect on my life and the things I’ve done, the places I’ve been and the people I love, I couldn’t be happier! My blessings are incalculable. I only wish I had this level of peace and knowing years ago!

My birthday wish is that during this election time, when emotions are fired up and things feel so divided, we could remember that unity with our neighbors, communtity and fellow countrymen is far more important than falling into the illusion that if someone has differing beliefs they are the enemy. Something I maybe wouldn’t have been able to understand at twenty but which is now crystal clear.

So please, as a birthday gift to me, love your neighbor and love yourself!

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