No Coincidences

I don’t believe in coincidences. I think things, experiences, and situations are always presented to us for a reason. It is my inner standing that we decide what we need and want to experience before we come to this earthly realm.

Today, as Fox and I drove to the herb shop on the other side of town, I was pulled to turn down a road we don’t usually take. I had a Tori Amos playlist going on Spotify and right as we turned off this side road we passed the cemetery where my close friend Ben is buried. At that exact second the song Benjamin came on. Hearing his name blast from the speakers at the same moment my eyes passed over the cemetery sent a bolt of love straight into my heart. I immediately started downloading messages from him. Had I not gone down the road less travelled we wouldn’t have been passing the cemetery right at the moment the song played.

I see this boneyard often, at least every Thursday when I am driving to reiki group. I usually have a brief thought about Ben and continue on. Today though, in this time of the year when the veil is so thin, I was being reached out to from the soul who used to share time with me in this life. The song coming on in the exact moment that I was driving past the graveyard opened the channel.

“Dance to reggae, laugh, make your lists, develop a few courses, do it because it is fun, stop dedicating brain space to what other people are doing, the pleasure comes from focusing on yourself, don’t forget your power and what makes you unique. The only thing that matters while in this human body is pleasure, what they are doing now is because of what we did then.”

The messages were rolling in one into the other, like a Jack Kerouac riff. I feel lucky that souls I have such a strong bond with are working behind the scenes to help me achieve what I am here to do. You have them too.

I wanted to share what I think is the most important thing he said to me today, “The only thing that matters while in this human body is pleasure”, when you’re dead and no longer have a physical body to experience the senses, you’ll know that was one of the driving factors in deciding to be here, on our Earth during this time. Yes, it is true that all of us came here during this time knowing we are helping to transmute the dense body vibrations into a frequency of love…no denying. That is our main purpose and that happens no matter what you are up to, that is a program running in the background. Just being human contributes to this purpose. But your soul, your soul wanted to come back and experience the pleasures of the senses.

It’s so easy to get honed in on status, financial success, and consuming material things. All of which are good and contribute to our lives. But the wonderful thing is that no matter where you are in life, what age or stage, what chapter or season, you can take pleasure every day. Marvel at what you see, delight in how it all feels, slow down to savor the flavors, pause and listen, literally smell the roses. Collect these experiences. This is what you will take when you go.

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