Weekend Recap

Our Halloween/October birthday’s party this weekend was a lot of fun. The Pumpkin Cheeseball and Sun Butter Candies I made were a hit and the wild windy weather was beautiful!

Muppet graduated from his first dog obedience training class. The instructors set up an obstacle course and I thought Muppet was the best in class! He is nowhere near where I want him to be with his behavior so we will continue taking classes so he can learn in a group setting.

I’ve been on a major L.L. Bean kick lately, and think I might get a pair of duck boots for Christmas. L.L. Bean, Ralph Lauren, Land’s End, and Eddie Bauer are some of the names I get excited about when I’m thrifting. Not for resale, but for my own personal collection. I’ve also been looking for Wrangler and Carhartt since we began watching Yellowstone and my inner cowgirl perked up.

I went thrifting on Sunday after taking a few weeks off. I found some gems, but I feel the darker months creeping in and the shift towards cleaning out the closets and drawers and making donations instead of adding to the collections. All of my shopping energy will be going toward finding great Christmas gifts for family.

I hope you all are having a great Fall! I’ll be back with more notes soon!

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