Muddled Thoughts

I’m finally sitting down to relax and make a new note. After homeschool this morning and deep cleaning the kitchen I feel like enough has been done for the day. I just reviewed the ingredient list for the party food this weekend and wrote out a to-do list for tomorrow. The rest of the day can just flow and be whatever Fox and I decide. At the moment he is sitting next to me watching Room On The Broom waiting for daddy to be done working.

I am feeling over caffeinated and my thoughts are muddled. When I get this way it usually means I’m trying to skip steps. I know I want to create something new, but I don’t know where to begin because I haven’t gotten clarity on what it is I truly want to be doing. You would think being a Renaissance woman is a blessing, but really having so many interests makes it hard to narrow down what exactly it is I want to focus on exclusively. Or at least mainly.

Meditation is hard for me. I don’t like to slow down, I don’t like to be still, and I don’t have a lot of quiet time to myself these days. I know without a doubt though I need to meditate to get the clarity I am looking for.

Anyway, I guess when my mind is in this state its the worst time to sit down and type my thoughts out. It feels like a nap is on order.

I hope everyone is enjoying October.

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