A Thinning Veil

We can always get in touch with our ancestors who have crossed over. No season, date, or year is the wrong time. The spirit realm is available to us always. But there is much truth to the belief that the dark half of the year, particularly between October 30th and November 2nd, is the time when the veil between worlds is the thinnest, making connecting with the dead during this time ideal.

For years now I have set up an ancestor altar in our home for the month of November. I fill it with photos of family and friends no longer living, dried flowers, candy and fruit offerings, incense and candles, and prayers written on little sheets of paper. I spend a few moments each day at the altar asking for the eyes to see and the ears to hear. I ask for direct guidance from the spirit world.

This isn’t the same as how I would pray to God or the angels. When I speak to God I am asking for him to show me the way I am meant to serve in this life. I understand that by becoming a vessel of receiving that God can whisper in my ear. When we beseech our ancestors we are calling on our support team, our personal cheerleaders, the group of souls our karma is entangled with. It’s the difference between taking direct orders from your Captain and knowing your crew mates have your back. Both are integral to the journey.

Communicating with soul energies is the same as picking up a phone to call a friend. The part most people struggle with is the listening. You have to get out of your own way. Messages can come to you in all types of ways. You may find a piece of jewelry that contains a message, or hear a song, have a dream, see a billboard, and on and on. There are endless ways to receive guidance. The important thing is to relax. If you think something is a message then it IS a message! It’s really that simple.

You’ve been guided from the start. Before your birth even. Look back over all of the good that has happened for you up until this point and know that your angels and guides have been giving you subtle reminders all along. Rest in the knowing that you wouldn’t be here on Earth in the first place if your soul didn’t have an important role to play in the epoch of humanity.

All of us have ancestors, even if we don’t know them. We all come from somewhere, even if it’s a mystery. This shouldn’t stop you from reaching out and asking for help from those who came before you. You will be amazed by what manifests for you on the physical plane when you begin to commune with the world of spirits.

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