Season of the Witch

Like so many other people, Fall is my favorite time of year. The relief from the heat, yard work slowing down, and the holiday season right around the corner are all things I welcome. It seems like everyone perks up a bit this time of year.

I decorated the house for Halloween this week. I noticed a few of the neighbors had already put their outdoor monsters and skeletons out, and I decided that was the right attitude. One month of Halloween just isn’t enough! It took over three hours to rearrange and put everything up. Fox has told me a million times that he loves his Halloween house and that makes me so happy! I love seeing his excitement. The holidays are more fun than I could have ever imagined now that I have child to share them with.

There have already been a few chilly mornings here in Southwest Missouri where I have pulled on a sweater to warm up; and this morning we had a beautiful dense fog. This evening I’m going to friend’s house to sit by the fire pit and look at the stars in the cool night air.

The Harvest Fest at our local farm park has been canceled this year. They also cancelled the apple festival in Seymour and I doubt Cider Days will go on either. It is a strange time, in so many ways. We will miss the festivals but it won’t ruin the season. I think there are enough people in our town who will want to participate in passing out candy for the children on Halloween. I’m counting on it but I could be wrong. Fox has already decided on his costume so we will make a fun night of it no matter what.

Tuesday was the equinox and an auspicious date for my first hypnosis session. I went to Jeanie Douglas at Advanced Alternative Healthcare and I found the experience to be really valuable. I promised my friends on Instagram that I would share details, so here goes.

Before we began I had a short consultation to discuss why I was seeking hypnotherapy (for me it is PTSD and health anxiety) and if the therapy would be appropriate. Next, she has you recline in a big cushy chair and focus on a point on the ceiling. Soft rhythmic music is playing, and Jeanie talks you into a state of deep relaxation. Then she does visualization exercise with you and has you answer some questions. The whole session (minus the consolation) took about an hour. At the end, she counts to five and you open your eyes. You are completely aware the entire time, just in a deep deep relaxed state that makes it possible to rewire your subconscious mind’s way of responding to certain triggers or addictive habits or whatever it is you are there for. She also records the entire session which you then are instructed to listen to every day for the next 21 days; as well as some written affirmation homework. I am really excited about the process and the best part is that through working with her I will be taught how to do self hypnosis so that I can use this type of therapy for the rest of my life. It’s fascinating and I plan to do some regression sessions with her down the line as well.

Are you a basic witch who loves Fall too? Share all of your favorite things about the season with me in the comments. Happy Fall!

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