Language of the Soul

I forget how necessary music is. Between podcasts, TV and movies, books and social media; music very often gets pushed to the back of the line.

I’ve been experiencing information overload the last two days and have been listening to some of my favorite music instead of podcasts, and man has it been good for the soul! I love to listen to podcasts and read books and scroll social media. Hearing other opinions and knowledge is very important to me; but I am a wise, wise, wise woman and listening to music, singing along and dancing, creates space for me to tap into my own thoughts and take a break from all of the many many brilliant folks out there. We can get lost in the chatter if we don’t pull back and find our center.

Tori Amos is my ride or die. She has an album for every season, every mood. I also need Led Zeppelin on the regular to feel like myself. Robert Plant is everything (and a major influence in Tori’s music.) I also love to listen to the Barefootnfive ,On The Road playlist on Spotify. It’s chock full of 60’s and 70’s rock. And when I’m writing, songs with lyrics distract me so I like to listen to classical or solfeggio frequencies.

People my age are the last generation to have experienced childhood without smartphones and social media (and honestly our internet was so primitive it wasn’t much of a time suck.) I’ve heard it described that we have one foot planted on either side of the technology fence. When I listen to music it puts me in that pre-smartphone headspace and it feels so good.

One of the coolest things about having a child is sharing things with him that I loved when I was growing up. Fox is only (almost) five but he likes a lot of the same songs as I do. I love when one of my favorites comes on and he says, “Mom, this song is really good!”

He and I were driving home from soccer practice a few weeks ago and an instrumental song was on. It was a beautiful ballad. Fox hadn’t said anything to me for a few minutes and when I turned around to see if he had fallen asleep, I saw tears rolling down his cheeks. Startled, I asked him what was wrong. He said he was happy crying like at a wedding (he had asked me why a woman on TV was crying during a wedding scene recently and I told him about happy crying.) I asked, “You’re crying because the song is so pretty?” and he nodded yes. It was the sweetest thing. He was so touched by the song that he couldn’t contain his tears. I knew exactly how his big heart felt.

Music truly is the language of the soul and I’m sorry I haven’t been making the time for it. Being a mom keeps me crazy busy and I would love any song suggestions! What is giving you happy tears these days?

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