So Many Rabbit Holes

2020 thus far is really difficult to put into words. When most people try and talk about it they first bring up the corona virus and masks, the upcoming election and all of the violence the protests on the street have brought, and now the fires on the west coast. Those are the things the powers that pull the strings want you to focus on, become emotionally invested in, and talk about. And the majority of you are putty in their hands.

Somewhere along the way during 2019, things really started to shift for me in how I understand politics and religion, in a really beautiful way. And now 2020 has completely liberated me from all previous notions I had been married to. I just let myself question everything. EVERYTHING.

I shut down my inner critic who said, “Your friends won’t like that or people will think you’re crazy.” And they will, they do. But there were always people who did. Now I just don’t give a shit.

There are so many rabbit holes, so many topics that each deserve a conversation of their own. I think this post can double as my “What I’m Loving for September” post. I want to share some people with you who have turned me on to new ways of looking at reality, or helped me find the guts to speak my truth. These are the things that I have found more valuable to focus on during this year.

On Instagram I love @angelasumner_ @everestasher @nymphprayer and @ninkabernadettemauritson. These are the women I find myself turning to daily for motivation and inspiration. For the men who read my blog, let me just say these might not be the best fit for you. These women are teachers of women. Hang on though, I haven’t forgotten about you, the men below deliver!

I usually listen to half a dozen podcasts on rotation when I drive my car, but for months now all I want to listen to is Sam Tripoli’s Tin Foil Hat podcast. Sam is so much fun to listen to and he brings on the most awesome guests. I have learned so much from the shows I’ve listened to already. If you like to have visual to go with the audio you can watch all the episodes on Youtube as well.

Speaking of YouTube I just started diving into the work of Santo Bonacci (who I discovered through Tin Foil Hat.) His way of speaking is so easily absorbed by my mind. He is the first person to speak about the flat earth that has me convinced it must be the truth. His YouTube channel MrAstrotheology is full of amazing videos and a lifetime worth of information to study. He started speaking about the flat earth four years ago, so that is a good place to jump in with the videos to get his most current teachings. I think you’ll know right away if this information is right for you or not, but if it captures your imagination, he is the best to learn it from.

I think that’s a good start, don’t you? Between those instagram personalities, the podcast and all of the Santo Bonacci videos, it’s an intense crack to the skull. Happy ascending, friends! We get to wake up and learn more and more and more and more every single day. Just wow!

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