October Movie List

This post is going to reek of the early days of social media and I couldn’t care less. I just want to write something chill. Mark and I are going to watch one Halloween/scary movie a night during the month of October. He and I are both October babies (he is a Libra Oct 8 and I am a Scorpio Oct 30) so we go hard all month (and by go hard I mean eating ice cream and watching movies.) 😉

October 31 Movies in 31 Days

1 Ghostbusters – Kicking off the month with a classic; also one of my husband’s childhood favorites

2 Beetlejuice – It’s so weird and nostalgic

3 The Shining – Excellent writing, beautifully shot, they don’t make ’em like this anymore

4 Practical Magic – Feel good witch flick

5 Edward Scissorhands – Johnny Depp is creepy enough these days, but he is so endearing in this one.

6 Death Becomes Her – Knowing what I know now…is this actually about adrenochrome?

7 Hubie Halloween (becomes available on this night!) New Adam Sandler flick. Looks cute.

8 The X Files (1998) Special for the birthday boy.

9 The X Files: I Want to Believe (2008) Why not?

10 Interview With A Vampire – Because Brad Pitt as a vampire.

11 Nightmare On Elm Street – Beloved by the 80’s kids.

12 It (1990) – Clowns will always be scary.

13 Fantasy Island

14 The Dead Don’t Die

15 Brightburn

16 The Witches of Eastwick

17 The Strangers – If you haven’t seen this one watch it in the dark!

18 Hell Fest

19 You Will Know Her Name

20 Warm Bodies – Only zombie movie I like other than Fido

21 Heathers – Just badass.

22 Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil – This one is really funny!

23 The Frighteners

24 Ma

25 Love Witch – discovered this last year and it’s an instant classic.

26 Midsommar

27 The Faculty

28 Fun Size – Just for fun

29 Disturbia – I was surprised how much I liked this the first time I saw it.

30 Scream – One of my faves ever! Birthday night movie.

31 Halloween (1978) – Because, duh!

The movies we watch from year to year get switched up but this is the 2020 lineup. We also watch the kid movies like Hocus Pocus with Fox. Happy movie watching! What’s your favorite?

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