What am I Looking at?

Last week when I tried to tell this story my WordPress session mysteriously timed out and the draft wasn’t saved. I was beyond bummed but I’m ready to try this again.

Let me set the scene. It was a gorgeous summer day in the mid 1990’s. My best friend Alicia had recently gotten her first car and we were having lunch at a burger joint. I’m sure we were planning what trouble we could find that evening.

Anyway, we left the burger place in the late afternoon while the sun was out and the sky was a gorgeous blue. Heading east down a main road in town, we had barely just left our lunch spot, when I noticed something strange out of the passenger window from the southeast sky.

“What is that” I wondered out loud. I was staring at a bright white light. A huge orb hovering in the sky. I didn’t know if I was having a stroke or what. We were totally sober and my brain just couldn’t process what I was seeing. Then almost as soon as I spotted it (which was unavoidable if you were looking in that direction, it was like nothing I had seen before, or since) it seemed to start growing in size at a concerning rate. “Girlfriend, seriously pull over now!” I ordered. She couldn’t see what was going on because she was driving, so she pulled over on the busy street an we got out and stood next to her blue Toyota watching this light.

It was terrifying. I thought maybe we were going to get swallowed by a nuclear bomb but as soon as it got so big that it seemed we could reach up and touch it, it shrank back down to a small size. (When I say smaller I mean like how the sun appears in the sky, so not really small, just small compared to when it looked like it was going to swallow us.) This went on for a minute why we kept yelling, “What is that? Why isn’t anyone else pulling over? Can’t they see this?”

I remember turning around and looking at people driving by us and not even looking our way. Which is weird even if there wasn’t a huge glowing white ball of light in the sky. This is a small and overly friendly city where someone would have asked if the high school aged girls on the side of the road needed help. But no one did. Not one person stopped or even looked at me.

Alicia and I continued to look at the very hard to describe light for maybe two minutes total before a group of six black helicopters came from the west headed directly toward the area the light was in. When we saw the helicopters we instinctively ran back into the car. The light was gone.

“What the hell did we just see?” I asked. “Was that a UFO?” my friend said. We looked at one another genuinely confused.

We drove back to my house, which wasn’t far, and told my dad what we had seen. He was disappointingly unimpressed with our dramatic retelling. He said that it was probably a military experiment based on the helicopters being present. We weren’t convinced though. Maybe he was just trying to calm us down.

As far as I know very few branches of the military or government use black helicopters and they don’t run drills over towns. They were flying low and for all the years I’ve lived here I’ve never seen another black helicopter.

As for the light itself, we never met anyone else who says they saw it that day and for the research I’ve done, no other stories sound quite like ours. This wasn’t a lightning ball or the aurora lights, it wasn’t the sun, or something beaming from the earth. It was coming from the sky and it was massive and it seems we were the only two people other than those helicopter pilots who were aware of it.

Maybe someone will see this someday and know what I am describing? Probably not. And I guess it isn’t really a UFO in the sense that it was flying, but it was high in the sky and most certainly unidentified. I would still call it a UFO. Have you ever seen something similar?

I have two more UFO stories to tell one day.

3 thoughts on “What am I Looking at?

  1. I kind of wish I did. Never have personally. Maybe just because I’ve lived in mostly well populated, brightly lit areas, in or near somewhat larger cities, my whole life. That’d maybe obscure or scare off anything. Week before last in the Sugar Creek area, I caught a shooting star on the drive back home though.

      1. Exactly. It took me like 3 seconds to realize what it was, a second during, and a couple seconds later, like “huh? ohhh right, cool, Make a wish quickly!” 😂

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