In The Spirit

Fox and I went to the Halloween store (Halloween Spirit) this afternoon. This is a really big deal for an almost five years old. It’s also a pretty scary experience because no matter how hard you try to stay on the kids side of the store, you’re bound to see the rest of it. I take the attitude of calm and amused. I let him know I think the costumes and moving animatronic yard monsters are cool, for something pretend. Emphasis on pretend. I could definitely tell he was scared by some of it, but I steered him toward age appropriate costumes and he ended up picking out a police kit (he really wanted the handcuffs because one of his GI Joe men has a pair) and told him we had plenty of time to decide on a costume. He has been watching the original GI Joe cartoons and playing with his father’s action figures from the 80’s. I’d like to be able to make him a GI Joe character costume this year if he will go for it.

In just twenty one days Halloween will explode all over our house. We really go nuts with the decorations. Outside we set up a cemetery and over the summer Fox and I bought a four foot tall vintage blow mould light up witch for the front porch. If only we could keep everything up for more than a month!

I’ve bookmarked a ton of candies to try my hand at this year (think old Betty Crocker cook book style) and I’m curating a list of horror movies for Mark and I with a kid friendly list for the whole family. Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, The Craft, Scream (one of my all time favorite movies), and It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown are the classics in the Retana house, and all of the Roseanne halloween episodes, of course. I just love this time of year, and being in the Halloween store really put me in the spirit of things.

Next week I plan to got to the the nursery to buy mums for the front deck, and it will be time to bring the fern in off the porch to live in the dining room. I love taking Fox to the nursery and teaching him the names of flowers and trees. It’s still in the eighties right now, but within a few weeks we should be able to go on some nature hikes and identify plants without over heating. We live close to an awesome state park and if we get decent rain the creek near the trail heads is a blast to play in! The dog will definitely get to come along for that.

I hope wherever you are, even if it is still muggy and hot, you are beginning to feel the change in the air. This has been a strange and long year but I think we can turn it around in the second half. Let me know your favorite Halloween movies, decorations and fall plants in the comments below!

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