Herbs on the Brain

My sage plants are huge and wonderfully fragrant. I wrapped another wand today. I used cotton twine I found at the thrift store, which makes me happy. I now have three wands and expect to have probably eight for the winter and spring. The wild mint and spearmint had died off but are coming back for another round. I hope I’ll be able to harvest quite a bit more before the first frost. A cup of mint tea is one of the greatest sensory pleasures in life.

I read somewhere recently, that if you suck on a seed for a moment before you plant it, it can read your stats from your saliva and the plant will be rich in the nutrients and minerals that your body needs. I totally believe this because a woman’s body does the same thing with her baby’s saliva. Fine tuning the milk supply to provide the baby with exactly what it needs. You can bet I’ll be popping seeds in my mouth before planting them when it’s time to start seeds in March.

I ordered Susun Weed’s latest book, Abundantly Well, and started reading it the other night. I am enjoying it and am grateful for her wisdom. She was the person who made herbs accessible to me when I was first learning. Everyone else I read made it too complicated or assumed the reader already knew the very basics. Susun always made it perfectly clear how to handle the herbs, what was safe and not, and gave you a permission slip to take charge of your herbal adventures in a way other writers could not. Every time I revisit one of her books I deepen my understanding of the plants. I always learn something from her. She also has a podcast called “Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed” that is a great way to learn more about herbs.

I think I want to challenge myself to herb craft at least some of the holiday gifts this year. It’s a great excuse to experiment making products and remedies I haven’t yet tried. I’ve just started dreaming up ideas, but I’d like to try my hand at some new beauty products. I also intend to focus on presentation big time this year. Beautiful wrapping paper, pine cones and twine, bells, vintage mason jars…I want everything to look really pleasing for the recipient. I still can remember the women over the years who put extra care into their gift wrapping when giving me a gift. I tend to focus more on the gift and then just toss it into a previously used gift bag. Not in 2020! This year has been weird and stressful and honestly just shit in a lot of ways. I fully intend to go extra hard for this second half!

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