Dream Notes

This will be my last entry for Summer 2020. That’s good, I’m ready for Fall.

Last night, or maybe it was early this morning, I had the first dream of my father since he died just over a month ago. It wasn’t as if he only made an appearance in the dream either. He was sitting across from me in a chair and we were having a conversation. I was telling him that I am ready to move into a new house but can’t seem to find an ideal place. He suggested we try a specific town that I don’t have on my list of options. That was it. Just me asking him a question and getting an answer. Dream over.

This morning I decided to look at listings in that town. I was surprised by what I found, and liked! Now I will be learning more about the area to see if it’s an actual contender.

I don’t believe that every message we receive in dreams are absolute answers, but I’ve always paid heed to what messages stay with me when I wake. Maybe my dad was reminding me to consider all options and not just the areas I think I want to set up long term camp. Or maybe the name of the town means something too. I don’t know for sure, but I’m listening.

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