Winds Day

Storm clouds are rolling in. My friend in Sparta posted that the rain blessed them half an hour ago, it will be here soon. I brought my son, my dog, and my laptop outside to enjoy the pre storm winds.

This afternoon I oiled a leather briefcase I kept from my father’s things. It’s black with locking latches and beautiful suede pockets inside to hold documents and a few pens. It was made by a company called American Tourister and very Mad Men-esque. After that, I organized my tea cabinet, the supplements cabinet and then the medicine cabinet. When I went out to check the mailbox I saw that the yard is blanketed in yellow leaves that have fallen from the river birch. I love this in-between time before the next season officially arrives. If I were a season I’d be this in-between, refusing to choose one or the other. I will have a little of both.

Muppet, our Scottish Terrier is lying in the grass chewing a bone. Fox is running around playing make believe using a vintage super soaker for his “blaster.” I hear a crow cawing and the wind chimes tinging; distant traffic and the rustle of tree leaves in the breeze. Everything feels very calm. Calm before the storm.

The scattered drops coming down and dampening the dust of the earth make me think of my cousin Brian, who played baseball when we were kids. And as the light dims and takes on a muted quality behind the clouds, I think about how many hundreds of times I’ve watched the skies appear this way. How many souls have stood next to me over the years, gazing in wonder as the darkness approaches. So many people my heart holds dear. Tears threaten to burst from my eyes along with the rain from the clouds. I miss everyone I’ve ever called a friend, I miss the people in my family I never see anymore, I miss my father. It’s all so bittersweet.

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