A Homeschool Mom, the Irony!

It was in a recent blog post that I wrote about how I’m not suited to be a teacher. I declared that I don’t have the patience or focus it requires. Yet, here we are. The school children will be returning to class in a few weeks. They’ll be required to wear masks, eat in the classroom instead of the cafeteria, socially distance, forego P.E., sports or assemblies, and definitely no group activities.

My husband and I have thought about it and talked about it and I’ve done my share of fretting about it. The only choice we feel makes sense is to keep Fox home and entrust me with his preK education. Truthfully, I made up my mind weeks ago. By now I should have his Fall wardrobe and school supplies purchased but it never happened. In my heart I knew. I hope that by his kindergarten year things will be back to mostly normal and we will look back on this time as “that one fun year we did homeschooling.” We can’t predict the future though, can we? That’s why I’ve decided to embrace this homeschool thing as if it’s our new way of life for the foreseeable future. I’ve started following homeschooler Instagram pages for inspiration and joined local Facebook groups for guidance too.

I have so much to say about all of this, so I’ll just begin. First of all, I see absolutely nothing wrong with homeschooling children, and if Fox had siblings to play with I may even prefer it. For people who want to indoctrinate their children in their faith it also makes sense. Or for those who live in rural areas or who farm and want the flexibility. There are so many good reasons to homeschool your children and I admire the parents who do it! My reluctance to teach at home isn’t because I think there is anything wrong with doing so, but that I may fail him.

I’m a bit nervous that I’ll overlook something important. I don’t know how to teach someone to read or write. This will be a huge challenge for me because I refuse to do poorly. We will both be learning along the way but if there is a chance that he can attend in person kindergarten next year I want him to be ready.

I know I can’t give him the socializing that comes with seeing classmates everyday. I’ve been trying to figure something out for him since March. He does have cousins, but they are older than he is, and unfortunately no one is lining up to let their kid play with someone outside of the family amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, so neighborhood kids are out.

I received an email from his soccer league this morning and they will be doing a soccer in the park group starting on Monday. It will be socially distanced with minimal contact, but I am excited to get him signed up and seeing the same group of kids weekly for a few months. That will be a huge blessing!

I spent the afternoon today organizing his reading books by season, creating a lesson plan, brainstorming monthly field trips and planning how I’ll utilize our breakfast nook as his learning area. A big part of me is thankful that I will have this extra time with him at home. He is my baby after all.

This won’t be easy, I know. He already resists reading and doing workbook pages with me sometimes. And when he does have to transition from being home all day to being at the school all day it will no doubt be a difficult adjustment. Not to mention the fact that I will desperately miss those few hours of alone time to think and write and be in silence that his being at preschool gave me.

In the grand scheme it’s only a year. One little year. And who knows, it could be one of our best.

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