Explosion In Beirut

Tonight is my monthly night out with my girlfriends; except it hasn’t been monthly in 2020, thanks to covid-19, and there is a terrible sadness in the air. Lebanon’s capital city, Beirut has just experienced a massive explosion. Thanks to the magic of technology I sat in my living room in Missouri watching images of the disaster right after it happened. News agencies in Lebanon are reporting that the source was a large tank of sodium nitrate that was seized by the government several years ago and was supposed to be safely disposed of. If you’ve seen the video footage with that insane aftershock, I’m sure you can agree it must have been A LOT of sodium nitrate. I will keep watching to see how the story unfolds. EDIT: The official story has changed to say the explosion was caused by thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate.

Of course I clicked on a video on Instagram that had a sensitive content warning. It was footage of a few men running through the rubble of the aftermath, wailing in horror as they counted dead bodies. The bodies were naked. The force of the blast was so intense that their clothes were literally blown away.

How do people compartmentalize this type of tragedy and carry on? How do I go hang out with my friends and have a good time knowing so much suffering is happening? When images of all the bombing in Syria was getting so much coverage I was really effected by that too. And it makes you feel helpless. I mean, most of us will never even understand why these things are happening, much less know a way to help.

And then I remember that the only reason we are here is to transmute light into love. What? You think that sounds hokey? ClichĂ©? New Age? It isn’t. It isn’t at all. We humans are literally beings who eat organic matter that contains sunlight converted into vitamins and minerals. The vegetation thrives on a system called photosynthesis, and then we eat the plants. The animals eat the plants, we eat them…get it? Without the light we die. I know, I know, we also need the air, and water and shelter from the elements. But at our core we are light beings. All life on Earth is powered by the Sun. We are batteries that need the light to charge. Our systems are electrical and complex and we don’t know nearly as much as we think we do about how they work.

But we run on light and we have the unique ability to express our life force as love. We can take the light and turn it into energy and channel the energy as love! (insert mind blown emoji!) Do you see? We can’t really compartmentalize all of the horrible shit we see and experience. It’s always there, playing in our super subconscious mind. But if we want to do something about it. If we want to help. We can be love. It’s the reason we exist in the first place.

Accept the challenge. Because it is indeed challenging to be peaceful, to tame the monkey mind, to remain calm when things get heated or the world seems to be going bat shit crazy all around you. Meet the challenge head on and commit to giving as much love as you can to everyone and every living being you meet.

Your love is the only way we change anything. Turn off the TV and get things right with your family and your neighbors and your community. That’s the work. That’s how you help the people in Beirut when you have no other way.

Let you love light shine, friends! Bright as a star! It’s how we heal at home and afar.

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