Secret Priestess of the Gospels

I’m taking a deep dive into the mysteries of Mary Magdalene. I’ve started my journey with the book ‘Magdalene Mysteries’ by Seren and Azra Bertrand. I’ve read through one quarter of the book at the time of this writing and I would easily recommend this title to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Mary Magdalene, witches, the Motherline of Jesus or spirituality in general.

Yesterday, July 22nd, was the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene as acknowledged by the Catholics. I wanted to write about Mary on this day but circumstances didn’t allow for that; so here I am today struggling to figure out exactly what to say. I don’t feel that I yet have enough knowledge or language around Mary to write about her specifically, but I still feel compelled to encourage others (especially women!) to learn more about her. Reading the Magdalene Mysteries would be an excellent starting place because the book then points you in the direction of other literature that discusses her life from the vantage of The Left Hand Path; rather than the singularly masculine ruled Christian telling of the Bible. The Bible itself is coded and it can be difficult to read between the lines of its modern interpretation. I’m finding other texts wherein someone else has spent years doing the groundwork of study and decoding, a much faster way to download this sacred knowledge.

I want to encourage the Wise Women and Witches not to discard the history, stories, and powerful magic that comes from the women in the Bible. To turn away from these Priestesses is similar to how the followers of Jesus eventually removed Mary to the shadows of their religion. It is dangerous to extract feminine magic, whatever the reason. By re establishing Mary as a daughter of the Moon, who taught and practiced sacred ritual with Jesus, we come to the true understanding of Christ Consciousness and can begin LIVING and EMBODYING the teachings instead of endlessly chasing after more and more knowledge and never fully grasping the gospel.

It is a bold statement to say that the Christian teachings are lacking the entire feminine side of the story, but we all know books have been removed and rewritten to suit the political agenda of the day and that anything speaking of the old Goddess religions was hidden. I believe that this course of study, the unveiling of the feminine Christ, is so important for Witches because it reveals the most powerful magic of women. All women. It reestablishes our spiritual work as sacred and not taboo. We take back our powers of menstruation, womb magic, sex and birth in a marriage with the divine masculine; not attempting to stand alone. The reason the teachings have been buried so deeply is precisely because of the enormous power they hold.

We can, of course, look to other religions, Gods and Goddesses for the same teachings because the stories repeat themselves in every spiritual tradition around the world. But I feel now is Mary’s time. For so many of us raised in North America she has been missing from the religion that most influences our current culture but I see her returning to guide us into the future.

I hope this post has been intriguing enough to inspire you to learn more about Mary Magdalene and that my thoughts aren’t too scattered. I’m still sitting with and absorbing the tapestry of stories told in the Magdalene Mysteries, and I’ve got over half the book yet to read! Please leave your thoughts or insights below, especially if you’ve already read the book.

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