There’s Nothing Serious Going On Here Anyway

I’m sitting on the couch using our old wooden coffee table as a desk. I’ve brewed a cup of red clover tea. It’s the first day of my moon and I just noticed the Christmas cactus has bloomed again. My four year old son and our new puppy are running around the house at top speed making as much noise as they can. This is how it goes if you want to write anything and also be a stay at home mom. Lunch is sitting next to my laptop, a chicken sandwich made with gluten free bread and a handful of rosemary vinegar potato chips. The bread is just okay.

I haven’t felt like I could dedicate time to this blog because I was letting perfection get in the way. I wanted to make sure each post was formed around a witchy topic and well researched. I wanted ample time to edit before I published and nice images to illustrate my words. All of this was keeping me from writing because the truth is that right now, in this chapter of life, I simply don’t have the time. I’m too busy actually living to sit around and write about it and in case you didn’t know, being a mom really is the hardest job out there.

So, I hereby declare that I’m setting my unrealistic expectations aside and I’m just going to write. I’m not here to teach you or change your mind about anything. I’m just a Doogie Howser and this is my digital journal. I won’t be attempting to stick with a theme or any other recommended tips for running a successful blog. I want to get my thoughts out there and you’re free to read it if you like. Life is too short to let perfection keep me from doing what I want and honestly, there’s nothing serious going on here anyway.

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