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Someone asked me recently if I believe in psychics. I’m positive I answered them with a non answer. Something about no one can predict our future but there are gifted people who can intuit what we need to hear. Something along those lines. The short of it is Yes. I do “believe” in psychics.

My friend Amber and I went to a palm reader on Sunday. We had just left the spa and decided it would be fun to get a reading. We had no idea if anyone would even be at the little building on Glenstone but we stopped by anyway, tempted by the ‘Twenty Dollar Special’ sign in the window.

There was a car with New Mexico plates in the parking lot when we pulled up and the door was open. The second door however was locked. I thought we were out of luck and was ready too leave when Amber noticed a doorbell with a little sign instructing us to ring it. A short, plump woman appeared from a back room and welcomed us with a smile. The main room had an eclectic array of decor ranging from Chinese Luck Cat figures to Mother Mary candles. I immediately felt at home. We each took turns going into the back room for a mini palm reading (the twenty dollar special) and both of us were happy with the information this woman intuited for us. It was so fun and meaningful that we decided we will go back in the future.

The future.

I think maybe that is the idea most people have when they think of a psychic. A person who can predict the future. And I think if you google the definition it says supernatural powers of the mind, etc. I do believe psychics have a way of reading our energy that is more finely tuned than the average person. And sure, there are bad psychics out there. But if you stumble upon someone who is gifted at reading energy, you are in for a treat.

Let’s compare it to the Tarot. When you do a reading for yourself or someone else, the cards aren’t predicting your future or painting your destiny. No. They are a tool that will prod your subconscious mind into revealing what it is you ALREADY know to be true and necessary, bringing it to the conscious mind where it can be reckoned with. The cards are only there to assist you in uncovering this knowledge/lesson. Three people could all pull the same cards and to each person, based on where they are in their life and what they are going through, those same cards will have a different meaning for the three individuals. The death card may symbolize a family member who has recently died to one person, it may mean the loss of a job and a new beginning to the second person and to the third it could be a relationship that has recently dissolved. Same card, different interpretations, but just as meaningful to each person.

Now, the psychic or medium or oracle…whatever term you use, must be able to make subtle suggestions when reading the cards (or your palm, crystal ball, your aura, or whatever method it is that they use to intuit),that will set off lightbulbs in your mind. Their job is to deliver to you an Aha! moment.

So do I believe in psychics? Absolutely. Just as much as I believe in psychiatrists. Neither is going to predict your future or solve your problems, but if they are gifted at what they do, they will help YOU come to the answers you are seeking within yourself.

I love getting questions from my readers and am always happy to answer here or in a private message. So please reach out to me. Thanks for reading! I’ll try not to stay away so long this time.

~ Blessed Be ~

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