Young Living Starter Kit Reveal

My Young Living essential oils starter kit arrived yesterday and I am pleased to share the contents with all of you! I have been using essential oils for the last twenty years, and now I am following my hearts desire to share my knowledge and empower others to use the oils for magic and wellness in their own lives. In this post I will introduce you to the contents of the starter kit.

The box arrived in good condition and has some heft to it. I plan to enroll in the Essential Rewards program and will be placing a custom monthly order that will earn credits to use toward free product! This is a great program for me because I love getting some type of subscription package in the mail each month and this will be perfect for that! The best part is that I will be able to customize my order so there won’t be items in the box that I don’t use or end up giving away because it isn’t my style.

The first thing I pulled from the box was a copy of The Essential Edge. There were two copies in my box, so I gave the extra to Mark so he can read up on all of the current Young Living news too.


Next up is the promotional item that came in my starter kit. These items change periodically, so yours might be different than mine. SclarEssence Vitality oil contains a balanced blend of essential oils that align with common women’s wellness practices. This blend is made of Clary Sage, Peppermint, Spanish Sage and Fennel. I opened mine right away and applied a drop under my navel. A perfect moon time companion.

I opened the Dew Drop diffuser next. I love that it is plastic and safe to use in the room with Fox. It is nice to have a second diffuser and I can put the glass diffuser in my bathroom now, safely away from little hands. I fired up the Dew Drop tonight and love it! The light can be turned on or off during use, but I love having it on even during daylight hours. The first oil Mark and I decided to diffuse is his favorite, Lavender!

Now for the main event! The oils. The packaging for the oil kit is so nice. I immediately thought of Apple’s packaging.

The kit comes with the following oils:

~ Lemon Vitality

~ Copaiba Vitality (pronounced co-puh-ee-ba)

~ DiGize Vitality

~ Thieves Vitality

~ Peppermint Vitality

*Vitality on the label indicates that the oil is safe for ingestion

~ Panaway

~ R.C.

~ Purification

~ Frankincense

~ Lavender

If you guys are interested, I can do another post talking about the benefits and uses of these oils and give some magical/witchy uses as well.

When you use the satin tab to lift the oil display tray, you reveal more treasures!

Two pouches of NingXia Red singles are included. NingXia is a supplement beverage that contains whole Ningxia wolfberry puree; a super fruit blend of blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices; natural stevia extract; grape seed extract; pure vanilla extract; and Orange, Lemon, Yuzu, and Tangerine essential oils! I’ll let you know how we like it.

Another oil blend was tucked away in this second layer! Stress Away! This oil contains the unique combination of Lime and Vanilla oils. With an aroma that is the perfect blend of tropical and citrus, Stress Away is always relaxing and comforting.

A rollerball attachment is included in the kit. This will turn any of your bottles into a roller applicator for ease of use. Perfect for on the go or applying to someone else.

Sample sized oil packets, description cards, and tiny amber colored bottles are also included to make sharing your oils easy.

A product guide is included in the box, so you can start making your wish list of oils, and check out all of the wonderful products Young Living has to offer.

Also, a copy of Essential Oils magazine full of recipes and tips on how to use your new oils.

I’m so excited to start using and sharing my oils! Maybe you will join me on the adventure? Get your kit HERE. And as always, thank you for reading!

~ Blessed Be ~

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