December Moon Box Review

Welcome! After nearly a year of reviewing The Moon Box I am planning to shift my energy to other endeavors. Today will be my last review. I have loved receiving and writing about these monthly deliveries and hope this post will inspire you to try the subscription for yourself.

The Moon Box is a monthly subscription box for witches (or any magical folk) that provides tools to enhance your practice. Each month the contents of the box are curated to correlate with the phase of the moon and its energies. A subscription costs $54.00 a month ($45 plus $9 shipping) and you can get your own at The theme for the month of December is Illumination.

The first item I took from the box is the Personalized Oracle Reading. This card was hand selected from the Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild. This card and the saying it holds is meant for you. The message of my card is about commencing a new cycle. Very appropriate for the changes to come.

Next I pulled the Sun Protection Hex Sign. A hex sign is a powerful symbol that connects planetary symbols and universal symbolism. Hex signs have been used as paintings on walls, barns, furniture, etc. that have casted away enemies and brought forth prosperity and good luck.

The Yule Book Of Shadow Artwork by Adrienne Alden is one that will be framed and hung in my home each Yule Season. Truly gorgeous.

A nice treat is the Stand Still Herbal Tea with muslin bag. Breathe in the warm aroma of this beautiful tea blend and remember to stand still. Take time to meditate and breathe. Relax and unwind. This caffeine free tea is great to drink before your meditation or ritual work. I personally love tea, and am looking forward to drinking this one on a cold evening as I settle in for the night.

The December herbs are Birch Bark and St. John’s Wort (or St. Joan’s Worth as I’ve heard it and call it). The birch tree embodies the ideal of graceful femininity and light-filled grace. In older times, the Witches Broom was made from the twigs of the birch and used to drive out spirits of the old year and ‘beat the bounds’ of property for protection. Allow birch bark to get rid of stagnate energies and ‘clear the slate’ for the coming year. St. John’s Wort also known as the ‘Scare-Devil Herb’ has been used by witches of old and new for the purpose of protection, ensuring that happiness and strength resonate around you. Place this herb in a jar and hang from a window or place under your pillow; this will bring light into your house, benefiting health and hearth.

This month’s ritual bath salt is Hekate Sacred Salt. Hekate is the bringer of light. Although she is the Goddess of the darkened Underworld, she is also the torchbearer who brings the light to that same darkness. This sacred salt has been enchanted with pine, mistletoe, blessings oil as well as leaves from the holly plant.

My favorite item from this box would have to be the Triple Moon Inscribed Copper Altar Bell. Representing air and water, the bell is the symbol of the Goddess. The bell connects you to the divine, calling upon kindred spirits. Traditionally, bells where used to clear energy and banish negativity or spirits. When you feel heavy energy around you, ring your bell and clear the space. Also, in Witchcraft, ring your bell during chants to send energetic vibrations throughout the walls, into the ground and making its way into every nook.

A bundle of Geneva Sage/Juniper Sage is one of the earliest incense used by Mediterranean witches. Though used mostly for protection (especially from theft) Geneva Sage is a fantastic assister in bringing forth health and love into your environment. This sage can also be used when blessing homes and dedicating spaces to new work. As we welcome the coming year, we burn Geneva Sage to sanctify our journey ahead with love, light, and healing energies.

Another nice gift in this month’s box is the Illumination ‘Ken’ Rune Pendant. This pewter pendant is inscribed with the ken rune in its Old English form. The word ken or kenaz means ‘torch’ with its esoteric symbolism being ‘knowledge’. May this pendant bring the inner light of knowledge into your reality.

A Faden Quartz Crystal is included this month. With a string like line running through from top to bottom this represents the bond between our physical and Higher self. This line also symbolizes healing, both physically and emotionally. The formation itself is the crystal being broken and healed several times, over millions of years. This high frequency crystal is one of the most programmable and can be an excellent companion when working to illuminate light energy into any aspect of your life.

The incense for December are Pine Incense Sticks. Burn to celebrate the King of the Waxing Year. A great addition to any Yule altar.

Illuminate Spell Candle and Mantra. Before setting your space to burn this candle, meditate, and focus on your intentions. The candle flame represents the source of our creation and your inner light.

Oh, how I love the Yuletide Ritual Spray. This aura spray is made with pine and blessings magical oil. Use during the season of Yule to uplift the energy of blessings in your home.

The last goodie in the box is the Veritas Magickal Oil. This powerful oil was created to anoint candles, jewelry or self. Veritas or ‘truth’ oil will unveil the misconceiving spirits around you. Prepared with lemon, rosewood, patchouli, and illumination oils and enchanted with birch bark, holly leaf, and Lemurian quartz crystal.

A truly amazing box!

I’m not the only one with change on the horizon. Starting in January, the Moon Box will be known as The Witches Moon. Same great group of people bringing you the magic, with a more fitting name!


~ Merry Yule to you and yours! ~




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