November By The Numbers


Visiting a cemetery in Ireland, 2015.

1= Number of turkeys I will cook.

2=Holidays we observe this month (Dia de Los Muertos and Thanksgiving)

3=Birthdays to celebrate (Fox, Dad, Father-In-Law)

4=Saturdays for shopping

5=Amount of cinnamon almond milk macchiatos I plan to drink

6=Thanksgivings Mark and I have spent together

7=Date of the New Moon

8=Sweaters I plan to wear

9=My favorite track on the new Tori Amos album (Bang)

10=Naps I want to take

Things begin to get really hectic now until the New Year. I hope all of you had a wonderful Samhain! I will be trying to squeeze in a few blog posts this month, but no promises. If there are any witchy topics you would like to hear my view on or questions you may have, please leave your comments below. Tomorrow is The Day of The Dead so I am off to light candles at my Ancestor Altar!

~ Blessed Be ~




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