October Blood Moon


Image by Michele Whitlow

The energy of this moon feels incredibly grounding and peaceful to me. A Blood Moon (Hunter’s Moon) in Aries would though, it’s the confidence of Aries coming through. This sense of peacefulness is welcome after the intensity and deep sadness we are experiencing since the tragedy in Las Vegas on Sunday. So many Light Workers are holding love in their heart and working tirelessly at teaching as a living example that now more than ever is when we need to turn to each other as the human family that we are, instead of reacting out of fear. After all, when we leave these Earth bodies and return to the Spirit Realm, our human concerns and fears will drop away. A good mantra to keep in your mind right now is, “I speak and act from my heart center”.

It is during Samhain and The Day of The Dead that the veil between worlds is thinnest. As witches we usually honor our ancestors who have crossed over and call upon them for assistance in our current work. This Samhain is a good time to use that connection to the spirits to ask that they cloak you in the calm and all knowing of their realm, the realm you will once again return to and are born of. It isn’t necessary to wait until Samhain night to commune with the dead, begin now and keep the communication open through the first week of November.

You’ve never contacted the spirits before, you say? It is easy to set up an ancestor altar. Choose a table or shelf and clear some space. I like to first add photos of the friends and family I am calling to. Next, I light some incense, for the smoke can carry your prayers and messages to the other side. A candle is good too for providing a focal point or gateway for the spirits. I also think it is important to make an offering to those you are requesting assistance from. Fresh flowers or fruit are both good. If you know something your relative liked specifically (red hots? plums?) place that near their photo on the altar. Of course, these are all just suggestions and all you need to commune with the dead is an open mind and heart. From here, ask for what you seek and believe it is given. Tonight’s Blood Moon is a great opportunity to begin! The spirits are available to help us as we navigate the Earth plane but the must be ASKED. Beseech your loved ones! Let them infuse you with the divine wisdom that is already inside you; they can help awaken it.

The Full Moon is a time to begin. Begin whatever it is you are called to. Only if you are ready and never because you think you need to. The Blood Moon in particular is a time to do that with the spirit world by your side. Death is a natural part of life and although it brings with it pain and sadness, it also brings our greatest lesson: Our time here on Earth is limited and how we spend our days is how we spend our life. Live well and from your heart center! Enjoy this Blood Moon, friends.

~ Blessed Be ~







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