Blessed Mabon


Art by Kathleen Edwards

The Wheel turns once again as we move into the dark half of the year. Autumn is such a beloved season, and for good reason. Apples, warm drinks, boots and scarves brought from the cedar chest, homes filled with the smells of squash and cinnamon and freshly baked breads. Pumpkins decorating the porch, flanked by yellow and burgundy potted mums. Fall makes us feel cozy.

For witches, this IS our season. We are preparing for Samhain and the thinning of the veil. This is our time to work strong banishing magic while connecting with those who have crossed over.

Mabon is known as the Second Harvest. Now is when we harvest the last of the summer’s bounty from our gardens and start canning and putting up preserves for the winter months. Even if you don’t garden, it is wise to freeze foods that aren’t available during the cold months to enjoy when you’ve had all you can take of apples and squash!

Usually on this day I like to begin putting out Fall decorations, but this year I haven’t even finished unpacking the house we moved into at the beginning of the month; and nothing feels organized or in its place. The landscapers are coming today to consult and begin tidying up the yard and I have a beautiful wreath my sister gave to me that I would like to hang before the day is done.

I don’t have any spell work planned but I bought a few apple spice doughnuts for Mark and I to drink with hot black coffee once Fox is tucked into bed tonight. That’s my plan for Mabon. To enjoy my family and work on making our new house a home.


~ Blessed Mabon ~



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