September Moon Box Review

We are finally moved into our new house and have our internet connected! So, this review comes a little later than I had hoped but it is such a gorgeous box that I just couldn’t skip it.

The Moon Box is a monthly subscription box that supplies the tools you need to practice your craft. This box is PERFECT for witches, but would be loved by anyone who practices magic. The cost is $45 + $9 dollars shipping each month and each box far outweighs the value of that monthly fee. Let’s dive right in and have a look at the September box.

This month’s theme is Equinox: Purge & Prepare. The tools in this box will facilitate us as we let go of those things that no longer serve us and prepare for the coming winter. With the Equinox upon us, it is time to re-center, re-evaluate and release.

The first look when opening the box.

Each box comes with a detailed description of the contents printed out on nice quality parchment paper. There is always an extra blank sheet of parchment included for you to write out spells or take notes on your experiences during your rituals.

The first item in the box is my absolute favorite! The Green Man Fall Plaque is perfect! I’ve already hung mine in the dining room to kick off the Fall decorating. A strong symbol of rebirth as the seasons pass through us, the Green Man, half vegetable and half animal is the true sense of nature in its purest form. This plaque is heavy and a beautiful quality.

The Triple Enchanted Acorn Rune Set will assist you in refining your intentions as you work towards your life’s goals. Hand painted with the rune symbols Dagaz, Inguz, and Fehu. A detailed description of each symbol and how to use these enchanted acorns is included.

An Enchanted Sunflower brings protection from negative energy so that you may embrace the energies of light and happiness into your aura. When gazing upon a sunflower, visualize golden rays of light wrapping around you.

Rough Amber comes enclosed in a soft burgundy satin pouch. The beautiful energy and healing properties of Amber link us to the solar energies, reminding us of the pure light and helping us clear resistance to our personal evolution.

The Concordia Spell Candle is a beautiful shade of burgundy. The word “Concordia” comes from the latin meaning “agreement”. Use this candle when focusing on balance in any ritual. This candle is wrapped with a mantra to be recited while burning.

Flidais Magickal Oil. The Celtic Earth Goddess Flidais is the appropriate Goddess to call upon during the Equinox as she amplifies the energies of balance. This oil has been created with ylang-ylang and geranium essential oils, nettle and chamomile herbs and a clear quartz crystal. Use this oil to anoint your candles, jewelry and skin.

This month’s bath salt is Aether Sacred Salt With Orange Calcite. Aether is the celestial energy that fills all spaces. This sacred salt was created with the intention to catapult your spirit and mind into this dimension as you prepare for the dark half of the year. Infused with chamomile herb, pumpkin essential oils and a blend of personal magickal oils; included is a piece of orange calcite to charge your bath water. Orange calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser. It cleans out stored negative energy from the body.

Apple Cinnamon Incense set the tone as you prepare for your ritual. The fragrance of cinnamon stimulates clairvoyance and warms the home. This is a scent I wouldn’t normally buy in incense form but am really pleased to have.

This month’s herbs include White Sage & Yarrow Blend, Cornsilk, and Nettle. White sage has been used for many years to clear negative energy from a space or person. When cleansing a person (smudging) we visualize clearing out negative habits and attachments. Yarrow was once carried into battle for its healing powers and spirit of courage. Cornsilk is a symbol of fertility and everlasting life and rejuvenation. Cornsilk can be used in ritual foods such as brews and breads. Nettle is popular for love and protection spells. Nettle has been worn in amulets or hung in doorways to ward off evil. Use this nettle as a guard as you journey into the dark half of the year.

Personalized Oracle Reading. Each box contains a card from the “Earth Power Oracle” by Stacey Demarco. This card and the message that it holds was meant for you. My card is Palenque and is a visual reminder or my value and purpose. I love these oracle cards that have been coming in some of the boxes.

Mabon Book Of Shadows Artwork. A copy of the artwork and story based on Mabon from the Moon Box personal Book of Shadows for you to add to your own BOS. Pretty enough to be framed and hung as a seasonal decoration too!

A bonus candle! The Mabon Offering Candle is an offering for the Second Harvest on Mabon. This candle has been enchanted with calendula and magickal oil. It is also shimmery and sparkly!

That concludes our look into the September Moon Box. I hope you enjoyed it. If you are interested in getting your own Moon Box subscription head over to moonboxshop.com and tell them I sent you! This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

~ Merry Mabon~



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