Moving On

Carefully packing up all of our possessions

For months now I have known that it is time we move on from the river house, or Chigger Chalet as it is known to family and friends. The constant worry of Fox falling off the cliff into the water combined with no proper yard for him to play in had become too much. With a heavy heart I began looking at listings in the mornings. Every home seemed to be missing something. No fence, only one car garage, not so great location, too expensive, no fireplace, (yes, I NEED a fireplace) etc. Then a week before we were set to go to Kansas City for the eclipse I saw a promising house. It has a nice flat privacy fenced yard, a great area of town, and all of the other features we were looking for. I knew in my heart this would be our home for the next chapter in our lives. It is such a strange mix of emotion to be excited for our new place and deeply sad to be saying goodbye to our current river abode. Sad as it may feel, it is here and happening and I have already begun (albeit extremely slowly) packing. The Retanas are shaking things up!

During the process of packing I am trying to stay centered in gratitude for all of our possessions and how blessed we are to have them. It’s always a walk down memory lane touching and wrapping up all of the things I have collected over the years. It’s also a good time to seriously clean house! I’m parting with things that we no longer use or that don’t serve a purpose. This cleansing of possessions is so freeing!

Once we have moved everything out and are doing a final cleaning of the river house, I plan to do some type of blessing and have a last moment with the river and to say goodbye to the eagles and my other animal family. In the five years we have been here we have had so many experiences. We celebrated our marriage in this house, had countless parties with our friends and family, I went through my pregnancy here and this is the only home Fox has known. I recovered from my surgeries in this place, and it is here that I have performed and manifested much magic. I will never ever forget our time here. Bittersweet this move may be, but good for all and essential for our continued growth.

Thanks for reading! I should be in the new house next I post.

~ Blessed Be ~


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