Solar Eclipse 2017

Photo by Colleen Pinski

This coming Monday there will be a solar eclipse and lucky for the Retanas, we live near the path where totality will be visible. We plan to leave for Kansas City on Saturday and then drive up to St. Joseph on Monday morning in hopes of finding a good spot. We are also meeting up with some of our KC friends, so it feels like a very special event.

In addition to packing all the normal things one would take on a weekend road trip, we are bringing our solar eclipse viewing glasses, a mixture of one part vodka and two parts pure spring water in an airtight jar, and specially selected crystals. My Sister Witch Amber and I will be charging the water and crystals during this powerful event. We will also bring along plenty of food and water because it is hard to guess how bad getting in and out of town will be.

We won’t see another solar eclipse in the US until 2024, so for us it is worth the drive and potentially nightmarish traffic to be within the path of totality. If you are one of the 25 million who live within a day’s drive of the totality cities err on the side of caution and come over prepared. Here in Missouri it is usually brutally hot in August and being stuck in traffic without really good AC, water, food or even music to listen to could be miserable. Make sure you have your phone charger and other creature comforts.

If it were just Mark and I traveling, I think we wouldn’t have any issues; but taking a toddler to a large outdoor event is unpredictable at best. We are staying open to the fact that the day might not turn out exactly how we envision it but it will happen as it is meant to.

Are you going to a viewing party or working any magic on the day of the eclipse? Share your plans in the comments below! Happy eclipse viewing!

~ Blessed Be ~



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