August Moon Box Review

Hi, everyone! It’s that time again when I review my monthly Moon Box subscription with you. If this is your first introduction to The Moon Box , I hope you will enjoy this peek into the August box. The Moon Box is a monthly subscription box that supplies the tools you need to practice your craft. This box is put together by witches and is PERFECT for witches, but would be loved by anyone who practices magic. The cost is $45 + $9 dollars shipping each month. Keep reading to see what that gets you!



The theme for the August box is The Sacred Bounty. The parchment reads, “Join us as we truly realize our Sacred Bounty and align ourselves for future success, accomplishment and fulfillment.”

The first item I pulled is the Neptune’s Transmutation Book Of Shadows Artwork. Perfect for the altar, this Transmutation Circle feeds the energies of Neptune, using ideology from Metatron’s Cube. Neptune represents the subconscious mind and is associated with dreams, inspiration, psychic receptivity, illusion, intuition and spiritual enlightenment. Use the Transmutation Circle symbol to focus on opening up, harmonizing with gratitude, and realizing the blessings in our life. I still was unsure what a Metatron Cube was, so I looked it up on and in simplest terms, it is a complex sacred geometry structure derived from the ancient structure of the Flower of Life.

Next out is the ‘Christopher Penczak’ Magical Power Spell Pendant. This pendant comes from the magical city of Sedona, Arizona where it was forged. The “Magical Power” spell pendant uses the pentagram, pentagon, and the trident. This is one of the big ticket items in the August box and is a very unique piece.

The Rose Quartz Candle Holder is also one of the big ticket items in this box. Rose quartz is the stone of love, peace, and compassion. Use this candle holder when doing the Sacred Bounty Spell. This will serve as an energy offering to give back to the universe, showing gratitude for the bounty of blessings that you have received. I will definitely be keeping mine on the bedside table once I’ve completed my spell. I love having rose quartz in the bedroom.

Next is the Sacred Bounty Spell Candle & Mantra. I get so excited for these candles each month! They are just so beautiful and I love having a new color to burn each time. This spell candle has been made with a pure purpose. To spend sacred time sending energy of thankfulness back into the universe. This candle has been enchanted with blue cornflower, calendula, ginger, lily and a special blend of magical oils. It also is gleaming with gold sparkles! So pretty. The candle is wrapped in a spell that you can recite while it burns. To read the spell you’ll have to get your own box!


The Fruition Magickal Oil is gorgeous to look at and smells beautiful. I am loving the intense blue of the cornflower included in several items this month. The oil was created with ginger and lily essential oils. It has been charged with a clear quartz and blessed under the moon. This oil is used to bring fruition to your life through blessings and pure realizations. It is one of my favorite item this month.

The sacred salt for August is Neptune Sacred Salt, of course! For use in the tub or a foot bath, these salts will help clear your mind and enhance your psychic receptivity. Proven to bring spiritual enlightenment to any ritual. It also has that beautiful deep blue cornflower in it and I cannot wait to use this in the bath. It’s perfect.

I was so happy to see a 24″ Sweetgrass Braid! In nearly twenty years of practicing witchcraft, I have never burned sweetgrass! How is that even possible? This aromatic sweetgrass braid represents positivity, strength and the connection to the Creator and all relations. It is our connection to the land and to all of the natural blessings that most people do not stop to receive. What an awesome gift!

Lemon Grass Incense are the scent for August. Maybe the most practical thing that arrives in each box; I use the incense for a few minutes every morning to wake up my senses. The scent of lemongrass is used to open roads in our future.

The herbs included for this month’s spell work are Olive leaf, Lemon Balm and Blue Cornflower. When olive leaf is carried it can bring forth good fortune. It is also used to bring security and prosperity in love and business. During your ritual, scatter olive leaves throughout your space to promote a peaceful vibration. Lemon Balm can be used to assist in opening oneself to the divine love of the Goddess. Lemon Balm is one of my closest plant allies, so seeing her in this box was perfectly timed. Burn as you visualize the Goddess wrapping her love and enchantment around your aura. Blue Cornflower is just so lovely to look at! It can also open your psychic sense. Place these petals on your third eye while meditating. This herb is also a great addition to any spell to enhance communication with your guides and to assist in receiving a clearer message while reading tarot or oracle cards.

The Citrine Earth Offering crystal is my favorite item this month. I look forward to adding a new crystal to my collection each time I get a box. I then look up the detailed description in my Love Is In The Earth by Harmony crystal catalog and work with the crystal’s energy all month long. I bring it into my ritual baths, sleep with it next to my bed and if small enough will even wear it in my leather medicine pouch around my neck. This crystal is intended as an earth offering. I will give it to the earth after working with it for some time. Maybe. 🙂


The last item is the Personalized Oracle Reading. Each box contains a unique to you card from the Flower of Life oracle card deck. This card and the message it holds are meant for you. I like to keep my card on my miniature bathroom altar so that I start my day by reflecting on the message. A nice individual touch to the box!

I hope you enjoyed this look at the August Moon Box. This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. If you like what you see, be sure to comment and I will keep doing the Moon Box reviews as I get my box each month. Thank you for reading, friends!


~ Blessed Be ~

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