Late Summer In The Gardens

Merry Lughnasad, witches! I hope everyone is feeling the energy of the turning of the wheel! This is such an awesome time. Here we are, in late summer, entering the eclipse season. I drew an oracle card for August this morning and it is Depth of Feelings. Appropriate.

Today I begin my late summer work. Cleaning and giving back to my small gardens is the first order of business. The dead plants must be removed for composting (thrown off the cliff into the river) and the soil must be tended. Now the soil has given much of its nutrients and minerals to the plants, so it is time to give back if we want the flow of abundance to continue on through fall and to be fruitful come next Spring.

Most gardeners know the process of weeding, adding in mineral rich fertilizer, compost, etc.; but don’t forget the Wise Way in the garden.

As I work to replenish the soil, I will bury some gemstones in the four corners. Quartz, calcite, whatever I feel called to use or whatever makes a good match with the specific plants in my beds. If, like me, you enjoy collecting gemstones and crystals, keep in mind that they are harvested from our Mother Earth  and in return we should give back to Mother. This is how we keep the energy flow going and reap abundance. Another Wise Way to nourish the gardens is to give your moon blood. This ancient practice has proved to grow the most spectacular and strong plants. So, we~moon, put your keeper cup to use and hold ritual to give thanks.

This is also the time of year when I clean any statuary or Fey Folk homes that dwell in the gardens; re-stack any fallen stone borders, dig out sunken pavers and generally spruce up and reign-in what has gotten really wild. A gift for the Faeries will be put out. Some colorful buttons, maybe…a thimble and silken thread. Pretty bits or shiny coins are all things appreciated by the Fey.

If any of the spent flowers have petals left, I will collect and dry those to use in spell work. I am always thinking about what is useful for my magic when I am in the yard. What do certain plants symbolize or when were they planted–what did that Spring or Summer represent for me? There is so much individualized magic in a garden. So much only the witch who tends it can possibly know. What magic does your garden hold?

The day is disappearing, so I leave you now to go outside into the cacophony of cicadas and get to my work.

~ Blessed Be ~


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