Lughnasad: Entering Late Summer

Yesterday before the rains came, the wind picked up and I noticed the first dried up spent leaves falling from the trees. Late summer is here. On August 1st we celebrate Lughnasad, the first harvest. The flowers have gone to seed and the sweltering heat of the season’s finality is thick. I just got over a ten day long virus that completely sapped my energy and forced me to slow down. SLOW DOWN.

We could all stand to push on the brakes with more frequency here in the US, but during this time of the year especially. In this heat our main objective should be resting and enjoying the harvest. Savoring every last bite of the fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables in these last six weeks before Autumn presents herself.

Summer isn’t meant to be scheduled full of endless activities so the kids don’t get “bored”. No, it is a time for lounging, napping, eating fruit and then more fruit, daydreaming and nurturing our creativity.

I have no plans for Lughnasad, other than a dinner with some girlfriends that evening. My vision for the day (it lands on a MoOnday this year) is to really find the slowest pace possible. I intend to savor every moment fully. I will share my breakfast with Fox (who loves fruit more than anyone!) and nap when he does. We might take a super slow stroll down the block to see how the plants look now that everything is dropping its flowers, and I will try to appreciate deeply the beginning of the end of another summer. How many more do I have left in this life? Only this one right now matters. So I slow down and breathe it in.

~ Blessed Lughnasad ~

~ Blessed Be ~

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