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Spell For Safe Travels

On Friday my little family and I are headed out for another weekend getaway. I’ve already talked about my magical packing list back in April before we journeyed to Colorado; so today I want to discuss the little rituals I do to ensure a safe journey.

I always take some sort of protection amulet. I have a luck poppet in my car that has travelled with me in every vehicle I have owned as well as a small brass Buddha on a black cord hanging from my rearview mirror. These two protection items are sacred to me and have adorned my vehicles since I began driving. Since becoming a mother, I also bring along my Ganesha mala that I made while I was pregnant. I had this mala with me during labor and delivery and it is full of powerful protection magic. I don’t leave this one in my car but bring it out when we are going on a longer trip. In the Hindu tradition (which was one of the first religions I studied after Buddhism) Ganesha is known as The Destroyer Of Obstacles and I feel a very powerful protection when calling on this deity. An amulet can be anything though. A crystal you’ve prayed over, a child’s toy you’ve blessed, or even the popular St. Christopher, Patron of Travelers that I so often saw in the vehicles of my Catholic friends in Kansas City. The idea is that the item works as a tool of communication between you and the deity/saint/god you are invoking.

If you’re like me, you are often wondering how you will end up using all of the smudge wands you inevitably pick up at metaphysical shops and apothecaries. A good use is to smudge your vehicle before you embark on your journey. I don’t burn anything inside the car, but I walk around the car and give it a good smudge while picturing Mark, Fox and I happily arriving at our destination. I’ll also picture my car inside a protective bubble. An energy shield.

Finally, when I have my hands on the steering wheel and before I put it in drive, I close my eyes and cast a little spell. At this time I will again envision the protective bubble around the car.

“Take us where we need to go,

Keep us safe to and fro.”

So it be.

Happy and safe travels wherever this summer may take you! ~ Blessed Be ~








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