July Moon Box Review

I received the July Moon Box on Saturday! The Moon Box is a monthly subscription box for witches that provides the tools necessary to practice your craft. The subscription is $45.00 a month + 9.00 shipping. Each box will correlate to the distinct powers of that month’s moon and time of year. Of course, the box isn’t limited to witches only! Anyone interested in magic will delight in this subscription service.

The theme for this month’s box is Protection and Banishment. I have not dealt in much protection magic so this box is very intriguing to me.

Let’s look inside and see what magic this month’s box holds.

I have been loving the artwork coming out of The Moon Box and this Bastet Book Of Shadows Artwork feels special. Made to keep in your Book of Shadows, it would also look great in a little frame. I can think of a few cat lovers in my life who would like this!

Since subscribing to The Moon Box, a bath salt has been included in each of my boxes. Sacred baths are a big part of my magical practice so I enjoy trying a new salt each month. In the past we received the salts in a plastic tub, but this month the Saturn Sacred Salt is packaged in a paper sleeve. This packaging is probably more ecologically sound and if it saves room in the box for other items then I am all for it! It might not hold up as well on the bath tub ledge if it gets wet though. I’ll have to let you know. Saturn can be called upon for magic involving protection since it binds and limits. Use this salt to bind and limit any harmful energy directed at you. Saturn has the power to simply neutralize, inhabit and banish harm. Made with sandalwood essential oil, rosemary herbs, and a blend of spiritual barrier magical oil.

Ah, the Rosemary And White Sage Bundle smells delicious. I adore the scent of rosemary. Use this smudge stick to cleanse your ritual space before you begin. Of course you can use it any time to enhance the energy around you or clear a room of negative energies/entities.

My favorite item this moth is the Eye Of Horus Protection Amulet. The folks at The Moon Box burned a slice of juniper tree with one of the most powerful protection symbols. This symbol has been used to provide wisdom and prosperity to the beholder. Accompanied by a pentagram, this amulet is the perfect focal point for conducting protection spells. The juniper wood smells amazing too!

Thuja Twigs (cedar), Rosemary Herb, and Angelica Root comprise July’s herbs. You may burn the cedar twigs with rosemary to make a powerful cleansing smoke. Cedar is used in purification and protection rituals and can also be hung in the home to add a barrier of protection. When burned, rosemary emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations and is smoldered to rid an area of negativity. When placed under a pillow it is said to drive away nightmares. Sprinkle the Angelica root in the four corners of your home to ward off and banish negativity. You can also burn it in a blend to make a protection incense.

The candle for the protection and banishment box fittingly is black. The ‘Protect’ Spell Candle is hand-rolled and should be used to banish unwanted spirits that might be attached to you or your space. This candle has been enchanted with rosemary, sandalwood, and a special blend of magical oils. The candle is wrapped in a mantra which you can recite while burning the candle. As the candle burns, imagine the person the spell is intended for being wrapped in a gold or white sphere of light, knowing that your guides are working with you to provide protection.

I must have been on an incense kick in June because I burned through all of last months incense and am ready to start using these lovely Cedar Wood Incense. You are encouraged to take in the earthly aromas and know that you are protected.

The Witches Salt (Black Salt) is not the same as a bath salt. You should place this in an area that you wish to absorb negativity. You could also cast a protective circle around any object or candle, intensifying the protective properties. Once you are finished with your ritual, sweep and scatter to the earth.

How beautiful is the Bastet Statue!? Created from cold cast resin, the Lion Headed Goddess was known to protect the Pharaoh and the Sun God Ra. Bastet is now used as a representation of protection used in households and sacred spaces. The Cat Goddess is a warrior protecting those around her and the perfect piece for your altar as you perform rituals.

Enclosed in a soft pouch is a Set Of Five Clear Quartz Crystals. These crystals represent the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Use these while burning your ‘Protect’ Spell Candle. Set each crystal around the space to form a circle or a star. Clear quartz encourages clarity on all levels and can be used to protect and enhance psychic abilities.

The final gift in the July Moon Box is the Sabbat Celebration Item. Lammas is one of the three Harvest Sabbats and is celebrated in August on the 1st and 2nd. This is the time when your harvest begins. This bundle of wheat and lavender is meant for the altar space. The wheat is a representation of the bounty of blessings and the lavender represents protection for the many days left during the Dark Half of the year.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the July Moon Box! I take the time to write these reviews because I truly believe in the quality and intention of this company. I am in no way sponsored to share these opinions. I also pretty much use the descriptions from the enclosed parchment word for word to explain what each item is meant for.

If you are also a recipient of The Moon Box I would love to know what your favorite item is from the box and how you plan to use it. Now I must close this laptop and go enjoy the beautiful full moon!

~ Blessed Be ~





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