Powerful Father Sun

We are in full Summer now. It’s hot outside and Earth is in glorious bloom. The insects are buzzing about and the birds are coasting in the clear blue skies. In July I always try to put a focus on Father Sun. As a witch and Goddess worshiper, much of my magic revolves around the Moon, but Father Sun is just as important to our connection with the natural world. We must have balance.

On these sweltering slow moving days, Fox and I spend our time playing inside where it is cool. It gets so hot here in the Ozarks that it can be downright dangerous! But really, it is so important for our health and wellbeing to expose our skin to the Sun’s powerful rays and we must make an effort to get out there for at least a half hour a day. We get vitamin D from the sun and it keeps us happy and content; staving off depression and anxiety. A little goes a long way but our body temples must be charged so that we can carry on our magic.

Something fun that you can do every day during the summer is to make sun tea or steep your herbal infusions outside in the sunshine. I like to sit quart jars in the Faerie Garden and let them infuse amongst the herbs and flowers. Placing a crystal on the lid will further charge the infusion and you might even tape a piece of paper with a mantra or sigil written on it to the jar to seal your intention. Drink these iced to keep cool while simultaneously harnessing the energy and light of the Sun.

If you don’t indulge in fresh flowers regularly, start now! Bring in a bouquet snipped from the garden or wildflowers from a nearby field and they will fill your space with the vibration of the Sun. This healing vibration is a medicine for your own Aura. Flowers are Earth’s pure expression of magic and are extremely healing. Just being near flowers can have a potent effect on your physical and emotional being.

I have also been making little mandalas on the back deck with flower petals and my crystals; allowing them to be cleansed and charged in the summer light. It is good to do this with your crystal jewelry as well. I put mine in a shallow bowl to keep them safe and bring them in once the sun sets.

For me, taking my magic practice outside when I can is one of the best things about the summer months. Working spells and making potions surrounded by nature and in the embrace of Father Sun makes whatever I am working on all the more powerful! I have the elements at my disposal and can improvise based on what is happening around me. I feel that is how magic is most easily conducted; wind in my hair, earth underfoot, sun kissing my shoulders and the river flowing by my side!

When we are living in harmony with the cycle of the seasons, our life’s rhythm becomes steady and unwavering. We are then rooted in our power and able to manifest with more speed our desires. Take these coming weeks to imagine the ways in which you can work with the Sun to enhance your magic and fill your heart with the golden life giving light!

~ Blessed Be ~



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