June Moon Box Review

The June Moon Box arrived yesterday and it did not disappoint! For those of you new to my blog, or not familiar with The Moon Box; it is a monthly subscription box for witches that provides the tools necessary to practice your craft. The subscription is $45.00 a month + 9.00 shipping. Each box will correlate to the distinct powers of that month’s moon and time of year. Of course, the box isn’t limited to witches only! Anyone interested in magic will delight in this subscription service.

The theme for the June box is The Spirit Guide Moon Box. “Now is the time to reconnect with our ancestors and receive guidance from the spirits that are attached to our journey. Using the Honey Moon energy, we take a journey close to our soul to find the answer to life’s most difficult questions.” – MOON BOX

Shall we take a look?

Wowee! I was so very happy to pull the Spirit Guide Messenger Loom out of the box first thing! These photos do not show off its beauty! (I promise when Fox is older and I’m not working under the cloak of night to improve my photo quality!) Hand made by The Moon Box, the messenger loom is to be used during your ritual to receive messages from your guides. The Moon Box comes with full descriptions of each item and suggestions for use, so I won’t type everything the parchment says. You’ll have to get your own box!

Next up is a Large Mugwort Sage! Oh, it smells lovely. Black sage, also known as dream weed or mugwort sage is used for its unique ability to stimulate dreams, allowing you to work and connect with a higher realm to receive messages from your spirit guides. I had this wand lying on my dresser last night and I had so many dreams! And I woke thinking, “Wow! I can’t remember the last time I had such detailed dreams.” And now sitting here typing this description I am making the connection! Mugwort has such a strong spirit.

Each box also came with a Personalized Oracle Reading. An oracle card from the “Spirit Conscious” Oracle Card Deck with a message and meaning meant to reach you. We received an oracle card in the May box as well, and I like the idea of each subscriber having a unique-to-them item in their box.

I began receiving The Moon Box in February and each box has contained a dram of oil. The June oil is Spirit Guide Magickal Oil. Created with spearmint essential oil, echinacea herbs and a mix of secret magical oils. This oil has been charged with a clear quartz and blessed under the moon. The spearmint lends such a beautiful note to this oil. It is by far my favorite yet.

Each box since I began my subscription has also included a sacred salt. June brings us Transcendence Sacred Salt. This bath salt has been created with echinacea herbs, spearmint leaf herbs and spearmint essential oils. Spirit Guide Oil has been added to help prepare your mind for transcendence, helping you create stronger relationships with the spirits that are so close to us. Again, the smell of the spearmint blend is so good!

The June candle is a Hand Anointed Spirit Messenger Candle. This hand-rolled candle is wrapped in a mantra to help you imagine your Spirit Guides manifesting themselves and surrounding you with their love and attention.

Vanilla Orange Incense arrived with this box and they are very unique! I love the combination of scents. Vanilla orange brings about harmony and balance, both to your physical and spiritual body. When burning incense, we connect to the qualities of happiness and openness.

This month’s herbs include Echinacea, Mugwort and Spearmint Leaf. Echinacea is to be used as an offering to the spirits to strengthen spells. Burn this in combination with the mugwort or use in a ritual bath to strengthen your spells and aura. Place the mugwort under your pillow after rituals to welcome and attract spirits, allowing messages and visions to manifest. The smell of the spearmint leaf increases and sharpens your mental powers. Use in a ritual bath or a sachet.

Look how neat! The Desert Rose Crystal Pair is said to contain a different spirit guardian in each stone. It is also a stone of the mind, bringing clarity and intuition into perception. Place one stone under your pillow to amplify the power of your mind and to receive messages through dream work. Carry the second stone with you to empower you to recognize messages that may be brought to you throughout the day.

The Summer Solstice (Litha) is on June 21st and as such a Sabbat Celebration Gift is included in the box. This replica Litha (mid-summer) story page from the Moon Box personal Book of Shadows is the perfect imagery for celebrating the longest day of the year!

There it is! Another wonderful month from The Moon Box! I hope you enjoyed this little peek at the contents and will let me know what you think. I am in no way compensated for these reviews and all opinions are my own. I write up these posts to support a small business that I truly enjoy and would love to see continue doing their work. Thank you for reading!

~ Blessed Be ~




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