May Moon Box Review

I am a little late with this month’s Moon Box review because we were vacationing but the May box is so amazing that I didn’t want to skip it! The Moon Box is a monthly subscription box for witches (or any magical folk) that provides tools to enhance your practice. Each month the contents of the box are curated to correlate with the phase of the moon and its energies. A subscription costs $54.00 a month ($45 plus $9 shipping) and you can get your own at moonboxshop.com. The May box is called The Enchanted Moon.

I was really excited with the first look. The box was heavy so I knew there were many goodies to be had!

The first item I took out was the little oracle card tied to the parchment with twine. This is a Personalized Oracle Reading. The witches at Moon Box meditated and selected a card from the Botanical Inspirations oracle card deck so that each of us received a unique card with a message just for us.

I opened the parchment that holds the description of the items in the box and talks about the theme. The Enchanted Moon box is all about love, self-love and pleasure. The parchment this month was the most delicate shade of pale pink.

I have to say that the Spell Page From Book Of Shadows is my favorite gift this month. The artwork is enchanting. This is a print from the Moon Box witches personal Book Of Shadows and is hand painted.  I have already framed mine and put it in my library/office!

After removing the spell page from the box, I couldn’t believe how much more was waiting! This is a big box!

I went straight for the herbs and dried flowers. Hibiscus Flower, Rose & Sage Blend, and Jasmine Flower. Meant for making a love sachet to carry with you and the rose and sage blend to burn to cleanse and revitalize your space. I love having little rituals to look forward to during the month.

This month’s incense are Amber Incense Sticks. Burn these to set the mood. The scent brings about harmony, balance and inspiration. When we burn amber we connect to the qualities of tranquility and love.

Oh, I adore the Enchanted Rose! This rose has been blessed and enchanted by the Moon Box witches. It shall bring the energies of beauty and self-love into your space. Place this rose by a mirror repeating, “I am Beautiful and Radiant”.

The Aphrodite Sacred Salt smells utterly divine! Created with rose herbs, and rose, patchouli, and jasmine essential oils. A magical blend of “Come to Me” oil has been added to bring love, attraction and desire. Charged by the moon and energized with crystals; these salts beg a bath for two!


The Song Of India Amber Perfume Oil feels like a special treat. From the Hindu Gods dancing on the packaging to the pretty shaped dram containing the oil, this item feels like pure self-indulgence. What a great pick for this month’s theme.

How darling is the Love And Attraction Spell Candle Set!? Use these beautiful candles to bring two souls closer to one another or to conduct a self-love ritual. As you light these candles, focus on the intention that you want to manifest. These candles have been charged with rose quartz and anointed with rose herbs as well as oils of jasmine, amber and rose.

A dram of the Come To Me Magical Oil that makes the sacred salts smell so amazing is also included in the box! Use this oil to anoint your candles, jewelry and skin. This oil will draw in those things that you wish to attract. I can’t wait to add a few drops to a hot bath and soak while reading a good book.

Wow! Does this box ever end? I was in love as soon as I pulled this gorgeous Rose Quartz Pendant from the Muslin Bag. Charged with rose petals, this pendant can be used in an enchantment ritual. Give this as a gift to a loved one or keep for yourself, depending on your intention. This pendant will promote self-love, love and attraction by amplifying the aura of the wearer. I put mine on as soon as I opened it! Keep the muslin bag and combine the rose petals with the jasmine and hibiscus flowers to make the love sachet, then add a drop of Come to Me oil to the mix.

What a generous size bottle of Enchanted Aura Spray! This spray smells amazing and will last a long time. Infused with a single cinnamon stick and mixed with cinnamon and white sage essential oils. Use this spray around your sacred space and body to bring clarity, boosting the energy that you have in and around you.

This Lion Paw Shell is such a beautiful alternative to the abalone shell that is so common for burning herbs. The lion paw shell symbolizes water and the moon, allowing an individual to become more expressive, calm and soft hearted. Shells depict unity, relationships, strength, balance and energy. Use your lion paw shell to burn your rose and white sage blend as an offering while conducting rituals for love, self-love and attraction.

The final item in this fantastic box is a Rose Quartz Crystal. One of the humblest, yet most powerful of the spiritual allies; it turns the heart toward love and bathes the body, mind and spirit in healing and enlightened frequencies. Affirmation: “I open my heart to receive and express the energy of love.”

I hope you enjoyed this special look at the May Enchanted Moon Box. I am already looking forward to the June box and want to encourage all of you witches to give it a try if you are able. I am in no way compensated for these posts, I just want to see such a magical business succeed and continue spreading joy to all the witchy people!

~ Blessed Be ~



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