Protection Spell For A Child’s Toy


As the mother of a toddler, protecting my rambunctious boy is a top priority; and try as I do, being with him every second is an impossibility. To surround him with my motherly love even when I am away, I have placed a protection spell on his favorite toy, a stuffed rabbit I gave him for his first Ostara. Choose the toy or stuffed creature your child plays with the most. Fox even sleeps with his rabbit so it is always near!

To begin, hold the toy near your heart and close your eyes. Picture your child laughing and full of joy and playing with the toy. Let your heart fill with the love you have for your child and imagine this love flowing from your heart and filling the toy. Here you may like to speak a spell out loud to seal the energy to the dolly. Something simple will work just fine.

Poppet pressed near my heart,

Through you Fox and I are never apart.

Keep watch as he runs and plays,

Happy and safe ensure he stays.

Of course, feel free to make your own spell to recite, as our magic is always more powerful when we create it ourselves. If you can steal the toy away long enough you may chose to place it on the altar and sprinkle a ring of rosemary leaf (or other protection herb) in a circle around the toy. Recite your spell as you put down the herbs. Leave the doll overnight before breaking the circle and returning it to your little one.

~ Blessed Be ~

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