April Moon Box Review


I was really pleased to receive the April Moon Box from moonboxshop.com over the weekend. The March box was put together so well and I enjoyed it so much, so I just knew April was going to be great too!

For those who don’t know, The Moon Box is a monthly subscription box for witches (or anyone that likes magic) that includes supplies to practice your craft. These items are carefully selected and hand crafted. It costs $54.00 a month ($45 plus $9 shipping) and they have other options for Canada and International shipping as well!

The theme for the April box is Growth and correlates with the seeding moon. “Often, Growth comes to you in life in the form of Change. It is so important that you answer the promptings of change when they are gifted to you through Signs and Intuition.This could be in the form of anxiety, depression or lack of motivation.” This box provides you the tools you need to prepare yourself for change!

Each Moon Box comes with a letter explaining what the supplies are with suggestions on how to use them.

The first item listed is Palo Santo. Used in a similar way as sage and cedar for smudging, Palo Santo is great for energetically cleansing your space before meditation and ritual work.

Aragonite Star Crystal comes next on the list. To facilitate clearing and activating the auric field and chakras. Aragonite encourages the expression of one’s energy through words and the arts.

Then we have a .50 oz. dram of Earth Oil. A blend of bergamot, cedar wood and other magical oils! This blend aids in boosting your connection to the earth energies around you and can be used to anoint your candles, altar items, jewelry, and can also be worn on the skin. Earth Oil is charged by a quartz crystal and white sage to enhance the potency and power.

Incrementum Sacred Salt is what I pulled out of the box next. Brewed with White Sage, Cedar Herbs, Vanilla, and Myrrh Essential Oils this bathing salt brings grounding, growth and wisdom.

This is only my second Moon Box, but I get the feeling we will be receiving a new hand anointed candle in most boxes. This month we got a Seeding Spell Candle and it is lovely. It is a beautiful green to match the overall green theme of the box. Hand rolled in sacred herbs and oils and wrapped with a mantra to recite while burning.

My favorite item this month is the Hand Created Intention Necklace. With varieties of jade, jasper and rudraksha beads, it is truly beautiful. I’m a sucker for a good mala anyway! Jade promotes wisdom, balance, and peace while encouraging our consciousness to increase at a higher level. Green jasper strengthens the human connection to the Earth and promotes emotional healing and rudraksha helps aid in the path of self realization. This tool can be used to keep our goals as a focal point.

Also a favorite from this month’s box is the Altar Art Piece. The crow resembles change in your life, while the Berkanan Rune enhances growth. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my recent post about the crow who has been visiting me lately. I was very happy to see this little altar art piece in the box!

The herbs and spices included in this box are Star Anise, Strawberry Leaf and Dandelion Leaf. The letter that comes in the box explains the gender, planet and elemental associations of each herb and how it can be used in ritual.

The incense this month are Forest Incense and they smell perfect for spring!

And the  Sabbat Gift that that came in the box is to celebrate Beltane which is celebrated on May 1st. I like that they sent the sabbat gift in April so we actually HAVE it on the holy day. The sabbat celebration gift is a beautiful hand carved floral box lined with moss and enchanted with the growth and fertility rune (Berkanan) burned into the base. Use the box to charge and energize any items that you are working with.

The April box also includes a blank piece of parchment paper for writing your spells or thoughts during your ritual or anything else connected with your magic. I think I’ll collect all of the mantras and art pieces, etc. that come in the boxes to make a special book of shadows.

I hope this review gave you a nice glimpse of the magic that is The Moon Box. I’m of the opinion that this is THE BEST of the magic themed boxes out there. Do you get the Moon Box? Do you use all of the items for one big ritual or, like me do you pull one item out a day to work with? I’d love to know!

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