My Witch Role Model

Susun Weed photographed by Mary Rose

I picked up my first book by Susun Weed at a little Wild Oats health food store when I was in my twenties. The book is called Healing Wise and it marks the beginning of my journey into the world of herbalism.

Susun Weed is a witch and the voice for the Wise Woman Tradition. I look to her first whenever I have a question about herbs or nutrition. For anyone who is starting out in herbalism or who just wants to know more about natural remedies for the family medicine cabinet, signing up for the Wise Woman Ezine is a great place to start. You’ll get a monthly email filled with articles and info on herbs, nutrition and a schedule of Susun’s upcoming retreats and classes. This is one of the few newsletters I get that I actually open, and the only one I read from start to finish! In addition to her newsletter, Susun also does a weekly podcast on Blogtalk radio. The podcast is live on Tuesday nights, but if you aren’t available at that time you can always listen to the replay. I like to make a cup of tea and have my notebook and pen handy for taking notes.

Of course, Susun’s books are an invaluable resource to any herbalists library. Her knowledge is gentle, nourishing and not at all overwhelming. I first learned about herbal infusions (an infusion is a tea you steep for a very long time) through her books and to this day I feel they are the most important herbal medicine I make. Just look how easy it is to make a nettle infusion…

Nettle Infusion

*In a glass quart size jar add 1 cup of dried nettle leaves. I usually buy mine in bulk through Mountain Rose Herbs. Next, fill the jar to the top with boiling water. Close the lid and let steep for a minimum of 4 hours to overnight. The longer the herb steeps the more bitter it will taste. I usually steep mine overnight. Drink within two days.

That’s it! That’s an herbal infusion and you could do the same with dried Red Clover blossoms, Oatstraw, etc. Simple herbal remedies such as these are the best way to get your feet wet when learning about herbs and how they work on the body.

I feel like reading and learning from Susun has strengthened my knowledge as an herbalist, but also as a feminist and spiritual being. Her books are inspiring in a way that most herbals fall short. Add to that the fact that she is a witch and you can clearly see why she is one of my role models.

I’m going to include this link to an interview with Susun on being a witch. I hope you’ll find a moment to read it and sign up for the monthly newsletter as well! Let me know what you think or who your witch role model is. Thank you for reading my blog!

~ Blessed Be ~

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